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Australia’s China Problem

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been waging a massive influence campaign on Australia. Unfortunately it took a global pandemic to bring it to the forefront of the national conversation, but the good news is Australia is finally taking a stand. Meet Shaoquett Moselmane. He’s was a member of the New South Wales (NSW) legislative […]

The Rogue’s Gallery

A list of high-profile CCP spies & assets arrested; updated: July 12, 2020 Dr. Charles Lieber; The Man, the myth, the legend. On the on the 28th of January, 2020, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced that the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, Dr Charles Lieber, and two Chinese nationals have been […]

TikTok - Spyware

TikTok; The ‘Big Brother’ You’ll Wish You Never Had

Why would social media app ‘TikTok’ be collecting massive amounts of data on Western users? The data collection was recently discovered when Jeremy Burge, head of the online emoji directory ‘Emojipedia’, shared a video showing alerts of data being transferred by TikTok each time he typed a keystroke on his phone, or in other words; […]

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