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Victoria – The Police State

In the state of Victoria, Australia, it’s becoming a little difficult to ignore the fact that some of the harshest virus lock-down measures in the world are being implemented for some of the lowest case numbers and fatalities in that very same world, and that it’s all being enforced by an all to often violent, […]

The (Deep) State of Mitt Romney

While we’re all familiar with the swamp creatures in Washington, today we’re going to focus in on one of the sordid networks of the criminal cartel that is the Deep State, and on one individual in particular who spent decades constructing his squeaky-clean persona. Today we’re aiming straight for the Achilles heel of the Deep […]

What’s The Deal(s) with the Bidens and China?

Money For Nothing? Updated: 17/Oct Joe Biden has always claimed that China is not a threat, in fact he’s scoffed at the idea on numerous occasions. On the surface, that’s a really puzzling thing for Joe Biden to say, as China is America’s chief rival on the global stage, and nobody should know that better […]

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