Question; do you push the Marxist agenda unwittingly at your own detriment thinking you are pushing noble ideas and defending noble acts?
If so, you may be what Vladimir Lenin termed; “a useful idiot”.

According to Marx, socialism would come about automatically because of the discontent of the working-class. Marx said that the working-class, the sweaty guy, the foreman on the dock, the guy who spends fifteen hours a day on the job – this is the guy Marx claimed would become so discontent with being exploited he would inevitably overthrow the system. But much to Marx’s frustration, that never happened. Working-class people are actually fairly conservative.

One economist said that socialism never came to America because of roast beef and apple pie. When the ordinary guy has a nice house, two cars, a backyard, and he can go on vacation once a year, he’s not going to want to revolt against the system, he’s going to want to join that system.
So the left had figured this out – they realized that if you go looking for a white working-class guy there’s a very good chance you’ll find him at the Trump rally, not in the ANTIFA riot.

So as far back as the Frankfurt school, where ‘critical theory’ was conceived, the left had realized they needed other types of grievances to sow the seeds of social division. This is when they came up with the idea of identity politics, or in other words; let’s use racial and ethnic divisions, let’s use gender divisions; men versus women, straight versus gay, legal versus illegal etc.

So if you look at the new socialism of the Democrats today it’s not classic Marxian socialism because it’s not just the rich against the poor, but it is also about dividing society many different-ways, and the objective here is to assemble a coalition of victim groups that together comprises a political majority. That’s the Democrats political strategy, and that’s just not Bernie or AOC, that’s the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

So there we are. You could call it; ‘identity socialism’ – a kind of marriage between classic socialism and identity politics.

The George Floyd episode is essentially irrelevant, but it’s being used as the catalyst, the shot in the dark that sets off a wider conflagration.
So ultimately the left are using him and using the legitimate horror over what happened in that one case to generalize and say this proves that not only are all cops are racist, but America is inherently racist, it’s structurally racist, and its been that way since “1619“.
This is taught in the universities, is promulgated in the media, it’s the plot of Hollywood movies, music etc, and so no wonder there’s a bunch of people who believe it, and ultimately pick up a brick and act upon it.

For the rest of the year, or at least until the US election, American cities are going to be one ‘racial’ incident away, whether truthfully reported or not, from full scale riots. 
That’s how terrorism works. Are you enjoying being beholden to a neo-marxist movement, hell-bent on destroying everything yet? Still loving the great awokening?
If you answered yes, you’re what Lenin termed a ‘useful’ idiot, or an intellectually dishonest charlatan. Possibly both.

If the cultural cancer of 21st century progressivism is ever to be successfully eradicated it will first be necessary for it to be seen for what it really is: a form of neo-Marxism that aims to destroy capitalism, and Western civilization. 

I’ve kept this brief, but there are a lot of moving parts to cultural Marxism. Further reading/video on ideological subversion.

Anyway, what do I know? You’re better off listening to this guy;

Malcolm X speaking extensively about the dangers of white liberals