Updated: 03/Mar/2022

Joe Biden has always claimed that China is not a threat, in fact he’s scoffed at the idea on numerous occasions. On the surface, that’s a really puzzling thing for Joe Biden to say, as China is America’s chief rival on the global stage, and nobody should know that better than Joe Biden.

During the Obama/Biden administration they publicly re-calibrated foreign policy to contain China, it was called ‘the pivot’, and yet China has never loomed larger in our lives; the economy, trade, espionage, military aggression, and now C-19. China has openly stated that they want to supplant the U.S. as the world’s superpower. Joe & Co didn’t just sell out America, they sold out the whole free world.

The Bidens arrive in Beijing, 2013

Money For Nothing?

In December, 2013, Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Beijing for a series of sensitive meetings with Chinese officials. The Chinese gave him the red-carpet treatment, literally, and along for the ride was Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

And so why did Biden’s Son, Hunter Biden attend also? No one’s sure, as he doesn’t appear in the many pictures taken during the high-profile diplomatic visit, but what we do know is 10 days after father and son returned to the United States, Hunter Biden’s small investment firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, announced a $1 billion dollar private equity deal with Bohai Harvest, a company backed by the Chinese government. And where did the capital for this billion dollar deal come from for this deal? From the Chinese government itself. The Bank of China Intentional (BOCI) is one of the largest stakeholders in Bohai Harvest.

From the Wall Street Journal‘s 2014 story on the deal;

A consortium of foreign and Chinese private-equity firms is aiming to raise about $1.5 billion to invest abroad, with the yuan-denominated portion of the fund to be converted to U.S. dollars through Shanghai’s free-trade zone.

The fund—launched by Chinese asset managers Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co. and Harvest Fund Management Co. alongside U.S. investment and advisory firms Rosemont Seneca Partners and Thornton Group LLC—started fundraising in the second quarter, and has raised its target to $1.5 billion from an original $1 billion plan, a spokesman at Bank of China International Holdings Ltd. said. BOCI is one of the largest stakeholders in Bohai.

Wall Street Journal

It’s worth noting there’s an interesting cast of characters who partnered with Biden for the deal, such as the Thornton Group consulting firm, which is headed by James Bulger, the son of Massachusetts state senator Billy Bulger. James is named after his uncle James “Whitey” Bulger, who was killed in prison after a decades-long career in the mob that landed him on the FBI’s Most Wanted list right behind Osama bin Laden.

So what’s interesting is Hunter’s small firm got a deal with China that no one else had, not Morgan Stanley, not Goldman Sachs, not Deutsche Bank, not UBS, and Hunter Biden had no real background in China, in finance, or in private equity. In fact, Hunter had held only a couple of youthful jobs, owing directly to his father’s influence. He was once made the director of AmTrak based on the fact that he’d ridden on trains.

Hunter has what might be called a ‘spotty resume’; he has a long history of crack cocaine addiction, an ‘unsettled’ domestic life, a recent surprise paternity suit from an adult entertainer (Hunter claims to be broke and unable pay child support, yet he recently settled a $450K tax lien in 6 days), and a brief attempt at a naval career that ended in a discharge over drug use.
So why did the Chinese government pick this guy?

Because there’s a secret financial relationship between the Biden family and the Chinese Government, and it’s a relationship that grew while Biden was VP of the United States, specifically; shortly after Joe was appointed the point-man on U.S. policy towards the U.S. chief rival on the global stage; The People’s Republic of China.

In Biden We Trust

January, 2009; Joe Biden is inaugurated Vice President of the United States.
It was a remarkable moment for Biden, who had spent more than 35 years in the senate. Born to a family of modest means in Scranton Pennsylvania, he would become known as ‘lunch bucket Joe’. He joined the political world early and won reelection to the U.S. senate at the young age of 29.

From his earliest days, Biden’s political career was not just about Joe, but about the larger Biden family. Politics was a family business – when Joe did well, the family did well. Joe’s sister, Valerie Biden, became a political consultant who was hired by Joe’s many campaigns, funneling millions to her consultancy firm.

Brothers Frank and James became involved in securing lucrative government contracts, and did deals overseas with foreign governments, and Hunter became a Washington lobbyist, representing clients from Delaware – the state his father represented in the U.S.

When Joe Biden was elevated to the Vice Presidency, his family’s ambitions grew accordingly. Now the whole world was a business opportunity, and the Biden family was looking for deals, including with foreign governments.

Just a month after Joe Biden was inaugurated as V.P., his son Hunter Biden formed the company Rosemont Seneca Partners. His business partners had useful connections; one was Christopher Heinz, the step-son of senator John Kerry, a powerful U.S. senator, who would later become Secretary of State. Rosemont is the name of the Heinz 90 acre estate, outside of Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania.

The other partner was Devon Archer, a friend of Heinz. Archer, who advised John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, was convicted at trial on June 28, 2018 (after an Obama judge’s previous lenient ruling was reversed) on conspiracy and securities fraud charges related to a scam involving a $60 million bond offering for the Wakpamni Lake Community Association, an affiliate of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Archer will face sentencing on Jan. 21, 2021. UPDATE 28/Feb/22; Archer was sentenced to a year in prison for his role in the scheme.

However another partner, Bevan Cooney, a one-time Hunter Biden and Devon Archer business associate, is already in prison, sentenced July 31, 2019, to a 30 month term for his involvement in the 2016 bond fraud investment scheme. Cooney recently came forward in 2019, as he believes was the “fall guy” for the fraud scheme, and provided his lawyer with access to 26,000 emails from 2011.

Several days after emails Cooney provided to Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer and journalist Matthew Tyrmand became public, federal agents moved Cooney from his cell to protect him. [#CooneyEmails]

The emails offer a unique window into just how the Biden universe conducted business during the Obama-Biden Administration. These associates sought to trade on Hunter Biden’s relationship with, and access to, his father and the Obama-Biden White House in order to generate business.

For instance, on November 5, 2011, one of Archer’s business contacts forwarded him an email teasing an opportunity to gain “potentially outstanding new clients” by helping to arrange White House meetings for a group of Chinese executives and government officials.

The group was the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) and the delegation included Chinese billionaires, Chinese Communist Party loyalists, and at least one “respected diplomat” from Beijing. Despite its benign name, CEC has been called “a second foreign ministry” for the People’s Republic of China—a communist government that closely controls most businesses in its country. CEC was established in 2006 by a group of businessmen and Chinese government diplomats.

This is China Inc,” wrote Khashoggi in the email, referring to the delegation of Chinese billionaires.
Biggest priority for the CEC group is to see the White House, and have a senior US politician, or senior member of Obama’s administration, give them a tour… If your friend in DC can help, we would be extremely grateful,

M. Khashoggi

The Obama-Biden Administration archives reveal that this Chinese delegation did indeed visit the White House on November 14, 2011, and enjoyed high-level access. The delegation included approximately thirty members, according to White House visitor logs. But those records also obscure perhaps the most important item for the Chinese delegation: a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden himself.

trip itinerary posted by the CEC also confirms the delegation met with Obama’s then-recently-confirmed Commerce Secretary John Bryson.

Whilst not China related, it worth noting that one of Hunter Biden’s big scores was a controversial deal he landed in the troubled nation of Ukraine. In 2014 the Ukrainian government fell, and Joe Biden became America’s point man for the troubled country.

Weeks later Hunter Biden was hired by a corrupt Ukrainian energy company called Burisma, which paid Hunter at a rate of 1 million dollars per year ($83,333 per month), despite the fact that he had no experience in energy, or the Ukraine, but yet, Hunter landed on the Burisma board, as did his partner Devon Archer.

Hunter’s ventures in Ukraine would later pose troubling questions of conflict of interest for his father, Joe, however since Joe was installed in the whitehouse as President, it seems all investigations into the Bidens have been quietly put to rest.

Rosemont was landing deals around the world, but the big prize was China. With it’s booming economy and staggering growth, it’s also an economy where relationships are key, especially with the Chinese government.

While accompanying his father to China, Hunter Biden had a meeting with Chinese government officials at the highest levels of power. He had no background in China, little background in finance – Hunter’s previous job had been a lobbyist for an online gambling company, located in Europe – but now doors were opening to Hunter in China. It was often that Hunter’s meetings coincided with his father’s high-level diplomacy visits with Chinese leaders.

In April 2010 for example, V.P. Joe Biden met with the Chinese President at the nuclear summit in Washington D.C., but at virtually the same time, half-way around the world, Hunter was in China, meeting with Chinese officials, looking for financial deals. Who exactly was Hunter Biden meeting with? Only some of the most powerful finance officials in China. Hunter spent two days meeting with the top executives from China’s Sovereign wealth Fund, Social Security fund, and largest banks.

Hunter Biden in China

So how and why did Hunter get these meetings?

The Son Who Sold The World

December 4, 2013; Joe Biden Arrives in China with a full agenda. Among the highly sensitive issues to press with his host were; Chinese cyber attacks, theft of American intellectual property, trade issues, national security, China’s claims over the South China Sea.

Why didn’t Shinzo Abe urge Joe Biden to clamp down on Beijing? Because Japan’s prime minister knew the vice president wouldn’t.

Hunter Biden was also on board Air Force Two. He joined his father the next morning for a meeting with the U.S.-China Business Council, and then Joe Biden was off to a meeting with Vice President Li.

Again, where Hunter Biden spent the rest of his time on the trip remains largely a mystery, but we do know this; Hunter later admitted that he introduced his father to a Chinese official on this trip who was involved with hunter’s budding business ventures, and we know that 10 days after the trip, Hunter’s $1 billion deal with the Chinese government was finalized.

Hunter and his partners established an investment fund with Bohai Harvest, and the Chinese government provided the money. Hunter was given a seat on the Bohai Harvest board of directors, and a 10% equity stake in the new company. Devon archer, his business partner, was appointed vice-chairman.

The new firm enjoyed an unusual and special status in China, operating through the Shanghai free-trade zone. No other investment fund in the world had a deal like Biden’s investment firm, not UBS, not Goldman Sachs. No one. In short; the son of the Vice President of the United states, with little or no investment experience, or experience in China, got a deal in the PRC that no one else had, and he got that deal shortly after his Father was appointed point man on policy towards China.

But this isn’t just another story about a politician’s kid getting rich, Hunter’s new firm, Bohai Harvest, began making investment deals around the world that would serve the strategic interests of the Chinese government, and that’s what makes this deal so troubling – this new firm was serving the interests of the Chinese military.

My Kind of Client

Aviation Industry Corporation of China – AVIC

In 2015, Hunter’s Bohai Harvest joined forces with the Chinese military contractor; Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), to buy American parts manufacturer; Henniges Automotive.

Henniges’ technology is considered ‘Dual Use‘, meaning it can be used for commercial and military purposes, and a deal like that requires approval at the highest levels of federal government. Hunter Biden’s partner in the Henniges deal, AVIC, was notorious for it’s history of stealing U.S. military technology to build their own fighter jets and drones.

In September 2015, AVIC bought 51% of Henniges, and Hunter Biden’s company Bohai Harvest bought the other 49%, and yes, the Obama administration did indeed approve of the acquisition.

Hunter’s Bohai Harvest also invested in military surveillance technology that the Chinese government would use to monitor and control the population in their own country. The company is called Face++.

Bohai Harvest also helped China in it’s competition with the U.S. over what are known as ‘rare earth minerals’. A Chinese government-run firm, called China Molybdenum Company Limited (CMCL), which produces rare earth minerals around the world, in direct competition with Western firms, for mining access. And the company does not hide the fact that it’s work has direct military applications. The company’s 2015 annual report for example, states that: “Molybdenum alloy steel is used for manufacturing alloy components and parts of warships, tanks, guns and cannons, rockets and satellites..” [Pg 43].

What’s fascinating is that while Hunter Biden and his firm were helping Beijing in the race to acquire rare earth minerals, his father’s Administration was making a public display offighting” them. In 2012 President Obama announced that the United States was filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) because China was trying to control the global market. In 2014, The WTO agreed that China was indeed trying to do so.

Yet two years later Hunter’s firm joined with China Molybdenum and announced that they were buying more than half of one of the largest copper mines in the world. And so while the Obama administration was competing with China in the race for rare earth minerals, Hunter Biden and his firm were actually helping Beijing win that race.

In addition, in 2013 Hunter was part owner of a venture involved in the $3.8 billion purchase by a Chinese conglomerate of one of the world’s largest cobalt deposits. The metal is a key ingredient in batteries for electric vehicles.

But there was an even more troubling deal; in December 2014, Hunter’s firm became an anchor investor in a company called China General Nuclear, or CGN. CGN had been solely owned by the Chinese government, but was now selling off a minority stake to a favored investor. Hunter Biden must have not gotten the memo that when his company was investing in CGN, they were investing in a company that was under FBI investigation for stealing U.S. nuclear secrets.

In fact, less than 18 months after Hunter’s firm invested in China General Nuclear, a nuclear engineer named Szuhsiung Ho, a.k.a Alan Ho, and CGN, was charged by the U.S. justice department for stealing nuclear secrets from the United States.

According to the FBI, Alan Ho had been working under the direction of CGN to steal American nuclear secrets since 1998. It’s not clear whether the FBI or the Obama justice dept. knew that Joe Biden’s family was actually involved with CGN, but what is clear is that China has been trying to steal nuclear secrets for a long time – It’s not unreasonable to think that by partnering with the son of the Vice President they were trying to buy them too. Make no mistake – these firms Hunter was dealing with are directly tied to the Chinese military.

In June 2020, the U.S. Dept of Defense (DoD) released a list of companies doing business in the U.S. that were known to be connected to the Chinese military. On that list – both AVIC and CGN.

But the Biden’s weren’t done cutting deals in China.

Business Casual

As long as Joe kept doing diplomacy with Chinese government, Hunter kept finding himself deals, and also with the Chinese government. A confident China was on the march, asserting it’s power, and flexing it’s military muscles. China had promised the world it wasn’t going to militarize the area, but they wen’t ahead and did so anyway, even challenging the U.S. navy.

Chinese aggression has been aimed at America too; in 2015 the Chinese government hacked The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) government website, and stole the information from millions of American government workers, highly sensitive private information. It was a crime taken very seriously by the Federal government, five Chinese military hackers were charged, yet Hunter Biden was still looking for more commercial deals with the Chinese.

Another one of Hunter’s businesses was called Rosemont Realty (Not to be confused with Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca Partners, est. 2009, or his Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners), co-founded with Devon Archer, the chairman of the firm. Just like his investment firm, Hunter Biden had no background in commercial real estate, but that didn’t stop him from getting a seat at some of the biggest tables around the world.

Who was Rosemont Realty dealing with? A Chinese company called Gemini Investments (Holdings) Ltd, a former subsidiary of a company with close ties to the Chinese military. Rosemont Realty certainly played up the Biden connection in the material they provided to possible investors. In a company prospectus, marked ‘confidential’ they noted that it was a key consideration that Hunter Biden, son of Vice president Joe Biden, is on the advisory board.

In August 2015, an eye-popping $3 billion dollar deal was announced. The Chinese company Gemini was buying a 75% stake in Hunter’s company Rosemont, forming Gemini Rosemont.

So who exactly is this second Chinese business partner of the Biden family? Gemini’s parent company Sino-Ocean Group Holdings, which is run out of the headquarters of the China Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO), which is called the “fifth arm of the Chinese navy”.

So Biden Inc secured two big deals with the Chinese government, or Chinese government-linked firms, in the years following Joe Biden’s appointment as the point-man on U.S. towards China.

But there was still more business to be done. Hunter and his business partner, Devon Archer, began working with yet another firm, this one called Burnham Asset Management. Out of an office in NYC, they worked to line up more deals with Chinese companies, many of them mysterious and with murky ties to the Chinese government.

One of the companies was called Kirin Global Enterprises Limited – a mysterious investment vehicle run by Xiangyao (or Yaojun) “Larry” Liu and Guo Jianfeng. Very little is known about Kirin, other than they invest heavily in mainland China infrastructure. Another Chinese firm the Bidens wanted to partner with is called Harvest Global Investments, which is linked to the Chinese government.

How much money did the Biden family make from these deals? How deep do their ties to the Chinese Communist Party run? We cant know for sure, but consider this; in 2017 a Chinese executive, Patrick Ho, was arrested by the FBI in New York on charges of money laundering, and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices act. Ho was an assistant to Chinese oil tycoon, Ye Jianming, who ran China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC), which has strong ties to the Chinese military.

More than $30 million dollars in wire payments ‘for introductions alone’ were received by Hunter Biden’s firms from Ye Jianming, the founder of CEFC China Energy Co., and Gongwen Dong, who has been identified as CFO of the Kam Fei Group, which is an investment firm based in Hong Kong.

In addition, there were Chinese military officers affiliated with Ye’s company who also had ties to the PLA National Defense university. CEFC also funded a related non-profit think tank called the China Energy Fund Committee, whose analysts would advocate for using military force in the South China Sea. Another CEFC subsidiary called for Taiwan’s reunification with mainland China.

According to Peter Schweizer’s new book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win;

Ye was at the center of Beijing’s economic strategy. His firm, CEFC, saw itself as playing an important and central role in advancing China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which was designed to expand Chinese economic and political influence worldwide. Accordingly, CEFC was also an oil supplier to the People’s Liberation Army.

Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win

Hunter Biden worked with Ye and his associates with the hopes of developing CEFC into a global energy company with vast energy holdings in countries like Oman, Romania, Colombia, and Luxemburg.

Click to enlarge

I’ve been talking to the Chairman on a regular basis. I was his first guest in his new apartment/ he cooked me lunch himself and we ate in the kitchen together,” Hunter Biden wrote, according to text message screenshots obtained by The Epoch Times. Biden added that Ye “has me helping him on a number of his personal issues” including for “staff visas and some more sensitive things.”

Not much is known about the thirty-eight-year-old Ye. According to journalists Andrew Chubb and John Garnaut, he may be related to Lt.-Gen. Ye Xuanning, GPD/LD director until 1998, or to Admiral Ye Fei, the PLA Navy commander from 1980 to 1982. Ye has not been seen since he was taken into custody by Chinese authorities in 2018 amid rumored links to the Chinese military and intelligence services.

However, one email sent to Biden on May 13, 2017, with the subject line “Expectations,” included details of “remuneration packages” for six people involved in an unspecified business venture.

Biden was identified as “Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC,” an apparent reference to the former Shanghai-based conglomerate CEFC China Energy Co;

Tony Bobulinski, recipient of the above emails, and a former business associate of Hunter Biden, said in a lengthy press conference on 21st October, that he can confirm details regarding his overseas business dealings, including that a reference to a “Big Guy” in a May 13, 2017 email did, in fact, refer to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Bobulinski identified himself as the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, a firm he described as “a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family.” He added that Hunter Biden and James Gilliar, another business associate, brought him on as CEO of the venture.

Bobulinkski press conference, 21st october, 2020;

“I don’t have a political ax to grind; I just saw behind the Biden curtain and I grew concerned with what I saw,” Bobulinski said. “The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist controlled China.”

“The Chinese were not really focused on a healthy financial ROI, they were looking at this as a political or influence investment,” he said. “Once I realized that Hunter wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the Chinese, I took steps to prevent that from happening.”

Tony Bobulinskipress conference

[Tucker exclusive: Tony Bobulinski, ex-Hunter Biden associate, speaks out on Joe BidenVideo interview, 28/Oct/2020]

Mr Bobulinski is expected to release the contents of three mobile phones dating back to 2017 that have concrete evidence of the Biden’s dealings with China, and that Joe was not only aware, but was orchestrating the business relationships. He has released a few texts between himself and Gilliar as of 23 Oct;

But of course, there’s more; Patrick Ho, a disgraced former Hong Kong politician and associate of the Bidens reportedly served as deputy secretary for the China Association for International Friendly Contacts (CAIFC); a front group for the PLA. A 2011 report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission states that CAIFC has “dual roles of intelligence collection and conducting People’s Republic of China propaganda.

When Ho was arrested, one of the first calls he made was to James Biden, Joe’s brother. When asked by the NYT about the call, James Biden says Ho was actually calling to get Hunter’s phone number.

Patrick Ho was charged and convicted, and went to jail for those charges. Why exactly was he calling Hunter Biden? what sort of help was he expecting? We don’t know the answer to those questions, but what we do know is the Bidens have obviously cultivated very close relationships with members of the Chinese communist party elite, and some of those relationships would be very hard to defend.

With an Alan Ho, a Patrick Ho, and numerous adult entertainers, there certainly appears to be a lot of Ho’s in Hunter Biden’s circle.

The $70M Penn-Biden Center Cash Cow

Another seemingly little-known case of clear Biden-China corruption is that the relationship led to Biden receiving a tremendous amount of money from China through the Penn-Biden Center’s home in Washington DC. In fact, it turns out the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania is largely dependent on China for its operation.

The complaint, filed by the National Legal and Policy Center, says that over the past three years, the university has accepted around $22 million in anonymous funding from Chinese sources. That’s out of a total of more than $70 million from Chinese donors during that time, the NLPC said. 

Just The News

The Penn-Biden Center failed to report tens of millions of dollars in donation since 2017, a total of 22 million dollars in anonymous funding from China. Federal law requires any foreign gift over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars must be disclosed. Members of congress cited extreme concern about potential foreign influence as the university saw a tidal wave of over 70 million dollars in Chinese cash flow through the doors since the Biden Center was established.

Gaetz wrote in a letter to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Monday that he has “extreme concern” about potential foreign influence over American colleges and universities and the impact it could have on elections.

The Hill

[Download Complaint letter]

What We Know;

-We know the Biden family has a series of lucrative deals with the Chinese Government.

-We know that these deals came despite a lack of experience by the Bidens’ in the areas they covered.

-We know they happened while Joe Biden was steering U.S. foreign policy towards China.

-We also know that these deals didn’t just make the Biden’s money, they had potentially dangerous consequences for U.S. national security.

-We know that Hunter Biden’s firm, backed by the Chinese government, invested in a firm that was actively stealing nuclear secrets from the United States.

-We know that China has been consistent in their efforts to acquire U.S. technology, and that their spies have been caught trying to steal military technology.

-We know that Hunter Biden’s firm bought a company that provides ‘dual-use’ technology for the Chinese military.

-We know that global powers have tried to stop China from monopolizing the world’s mineral resources, and we know Hunter Biden’s firm bought a company that actually helped China in it’s competition with the U.S. in it’s competition for mineral resources.

-Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm

-Source on alleged Hunter Biden email chain verifies message about Chinese investment firm

-Harris, prominent Democrats listed as ‘key contacts’ for Biden family business venture projects

-Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named As Criminal Case Witness

-Penn University took in $70 million dollars from China through the Penn-Biden Center.

-And we also know this; the Biden investment firm that helped China gain access to dual-use technology, invested in Chinese surveillance technology, and helped China in it’s quest to control the world’s strategic metals; well Hunter Biden was forced to resign for political reasons from the company’s board of directors in late 2019, but Hunter quietly maintains an ownership stake in the firm, a stake worth millions of dollars, and stands to be worth even more as it’s China partnership prospers.

So why does any of this matter? Because we need to know whom our elected officials are doing business with, or rather, whom they may be beholden too. We need to follow the money, a rising China is awash in money, the money trails stretch all across the globe, and some of those trails lead straight to one of America’s most prominent political families, headed by a man who calls himself “Lunch bucket Joe”.

“Lunch bucket Joe”