While we’re all familiar with the swamp creatures in Washington, today we’re going to focus in on one of the sordid networks of the criminal cartel that is the Deep State, and on one individual in particular who spent decades constructing his squeaky-clean persona. Today we’re aiming straight for the Achilles heel of the Deep State – Mitt Romney.


American politician George W. Romney (1907-1995), announces his intention to run for governor of Michigan, with his son Mitt and his wife Lenore, February 10, 1962.

Mitt Romney was born into one of the most distinguished Mormon families, a family who was intertwined with politics long before Romney ever made his presidential bid. His father served as the governor of Michigan and was in president Nixon’s cabinet. Needless to say, Mitt was well-placed from day one.

As a freshman at Stanford University, Romney’s classmates reported witnessing him dressing up as a police officer with a uniform he aquired from his father on more than one occasion, and Romney bragged about putting a red flashing light and siren on top of his car to pull over unsuspecting drivers.

As opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam (American?) war grew, a group staged a May 1966 sit-in at Stanford’s administration building to demonstrate against draft status tests; Romney joined a counter-protest against that group.

Then in July 1966 in the middle of his college studies, he began a thirty-month stint in France as a Mormon missionary, which afforded him the opportunity at the time to dodge the draft for the war on South East Asia.

Boston Consulting Group & Monsanto

Eventually Mitt left Harvard Business School in the 1970’s to join the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he worked alongside Benjamin Netanyahu, who you might know as the Prime Minister of Israel.

One of BCG’s biggest clients was Monsanto – an agro-chemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation that was started in 1908 by a pharmaceutical company agent who sought to produce saccharin, an artificial sweetener. Saccharin was only manufactured in Germany at the time, and is now known as a one of the Top 4 most dangerous artificial sweeteners ever made.

Saccharin – Top 4 most dangerous artificial sweeteners ever made.

Monsanto & PCB’s

Meanwhile, back in the US in the late 1920’s, Monsanto had begun producing chemical PCB’s (Polychlorinated biphenyl) for an estimated 40 years, knowingly discharging toxic waste into a West Anniston, Alabama creek, and dumping millions of pounds of PCB’s into open-pit landfills, the result of which was an Anniston community rife with cancer. Monsanto’s chemicals were saturated in the dirt, air, food supply, and even the blood of the residents.

Monsanto knew what they did, the people of Anniston knew what they did, and certainly the government was well aware too, everybody knew that these chemicals they were synthesizing would destroy God’s creation, but regardless, Monsanto was contracted by the Government to produce toxic chemicals like DDT and dioxins like Agent Orange, as well as bovine growth hormone, and genetically modified (GM) seed and herbicides in the coming decades.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange was the most commonly used herbicidal poison that was sprayed over rural Vietnam during the Vietnam war, and since the war’s end in 1975, there has been an epidemic of birth defects, chronic illnesses, and fetal anomalies in Vietnam still to this day.
Agent Orange was also used heavily over the perimeters of many U.S. military bases in Vietnam, which resulted in the toxic herbicide being splashed directly upon american soldiers, with tragic results.

In the post-war era, class-action lawsuits followed in which Monsanto routinely denied that there was a link between their poisons and the veterans health problems. Eventually it was decided that a Vietnam veteran would receive a maximum of twelve thousand dollars as a settlement, to be spread out over the course of ten years, and by accepting the 1984 settlement, a disabled veteran would become ineligible for many state benefits such as food stamps, public assistance and government pensions – so much for respecting and caring for veterans.

These days you know Monsanto for their multiple on-going lawsuits regarding the deadly effects of Round-Up exposure, the monopolization and genetic modification of the world’s food supply, and Bill Gates intense financial interest in the company.

Monsanto-Bayer merger

In 2018 Monsanto was acquired by Bayer, who was once a part of a giant German chemical cartel known as IG Farbin; the second largest stockholder of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, and the single largest donor to the campaign of Adolf Hitler, despite many of the prominent scientists and figureheads of IG Farben being Jewish.

Bayer used Auschwitz as a testing grounds for genetic modification chemical experiments, pharmaceuticals, and vaccine trials on prisoners, with its most notorious practice of using Zyklon B within the camps. After Bayer conducted experiments such as testing out vaccines, they later collected the bodies for autopsy.

Eventually some of the IG Farben scientists were tried for their war crimes at the Nuremberg trials. After sentencing prominent scientists to incredibly short imprisonments, a good number of these German scientists were relocated from Germany to the United States in Operation Paperclip, given new identities, in installed in positions of power within the U.S. government, heading NASA, the CIA and biological warfare programs.

So we can trace Monsanto and Bayer back to World War II Germany, and it’s been said that Monsanto and Bayer were always one company from the very beginning, but the $66 billion dollar Bayer Monsanto merger in 2018 just made it official and public for the masses.

And with this connection we can link Mitt Romney’s first major client, Monsanto, straight to Nazi Germany, and Mitt Romney himself to Operation Paperclip.


Mitt Romney had family money, he could have done anything, he could have had any job he wanted, but what did he end up doing? He took over Monsanto at the height of Agent Orange production, meaning that Mitt Romney himself was a defense contractor, supplying a product he knew to be toxic, and he and his client have lied about it ever since.

Bain & Company, Inc

William Bain Jr. (right) and Mitt Romney, at Bain’s offices in Copley Plaza.

At its peak production of Agent Orange for the United States government in 1977, Monsanto was such an attractive client, Romney and his colleagues from Boston Consulting took the Monsanto account and joined Bain & Company Inc.; one of the big three elite management consulting firms who are notoriously secretive about itself in its work for its clients, earning Bain & Co. the title of ‘the KGB of consulting‘ over the years.

Ralph Willard, described to the Boston Globe in 2007 how “Romney learned the technical aspects of the chemical business so thoroughly that he sounded as if he had gone to engineering school instead of business school,” and that Monsanto executives soon began “bypassing” him to go directly to Romney.

From the very beginning Monsanto, a company who has historically and exclusively dealt in toxic products, made Bain & Company a ton of money. Monsanto who produced deadly chemicals that they knowingly sprayed over a bunch of people, also made Mitt Romney a ton of money.

In 2001 Monsanto and DuPont bought a biotech company that had created a gene that made the male sperm sterile, and the crop was called contraceptive corn, saying that fields of maize may one day save the world from overpopulation.

So let me ask; if the genocidal maniacs at Monsanto weren’t going to tell you that the chemicals they were spraying on you would cause an array of cancers and birth defects, what are the chances they would tell you if something you’re eating would make you sterile?

Monsanto; GM corn to stop man spreading his seed

Monsanto execs became so close to Romney that they and Romney’s boss Bill Bain devised the idea of creating Bain Capital in 1984, as a way of keeping Romney in the fold. Unless Mitt was allowed to run this spin-off venture firm, Monsanto and Bain feared, he would leave.

Though not the first of Romney’s outside investors, British publisher, Robert Maxwell was among one of the early investors in Romney’s Bain Capital. Robert Maxwell is the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of running a sex-trafficking blackmail operation alongside Jeffrey Epstein, a blackmail ring that is allegedly tied to Mossad.
Robert Maxwell himself also has ties to Mossad, and at the time of his mysterious death he was accused of being a double or even triple agent for Britain, Israel and Russia.
The discovery of their financial links to Mr Romney came amid mounting pressure in 2012 to disclose details of his own offshore holdings, including a Swiss bank account.

The Romney-Maxwell connection – it didn’t age well

It’s unlikely that Ghislaine Maxwell knew Epstein at the time of her father’s investment to Romney’s project, but I’m illustrating the point that these dark connections run deep, and we can trace them across decades. The Deep State is one tiny little group.

Speaking of Epstein and blackmail operations with minors; Epstein’s buddy Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the publicly richest people in the world, is looped into this sordid web of connections with Mitt Romney. While Bain functions as a private equity firm, I think we can quite confidently say that Bain & Company is a U.S. intelligence front and military industrial company.

The Epstein-Gates-Maxwell-Romney connection

Some of the most famous people to come out of out of Bain & Co. are high-level government officials, one of them being former Vice President Dick Cheney, who was in the White House during the Vietnam war, serving under presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, and earning the position of the secretary of defense under the George H.W. Bush administration, only to leave the White House to become one of Bain’s most lucrative accounts as the CEO of Halliburton – a government contractor.

Reagan – Cheney

So not only did Mitt Romney and dick Cheney both supply and spray Agent Orange, which the Government and Monsanto both knew to be toxic from the get-go, but they were also Iraq war profiteers to the tune of $40 billion dollars.

Bain’s most famous clients were and are dick Cheney’s Halliburton, Raytheon, Monsanto, Microsoft, Starbucks and even the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (BMGF). In Fact, Bain & Co. manages a great deal of Fortune 500 companies, that’s why their stocks do so well, and while Bain say they’re a consulting firm, their pattern is more of a buyout firm that comes in, takes over, and quietly leaves the shell intact, while they place their own people in positions of power within a company.

So when you walk into any government building or school and witness people working on computers with Microsoft installed on them – that’s Bain and company. When you see Bill Gates interviewed on the six o’clock news labeled as a pandemic expert, or talking about mandatory vaccinations and grinning with glee – that’s Bain and company. When you see Mitt Romney, a man who was supposed to be president, and is now a sitting senator, marching with people who have expressly stated their desire to burn down our cities – that’s Bain & Company.

The Corporate Machine

Mitt Romney attended law school so he could enter politics, and while it’s highly debated as to exactly when Romney officially left Bain & Company to make the short leap from business to politics, Romney followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming the governor of Massachusetts in the early 2000’s.

In 2012 he decided to run against Barack Obama for President of the United States and quite frankly Romney should have been a shoe-in, after all he was groomed for this role, but the fact was he lost and so he continued his political career as a senator, a position he holds to this day.

His squeaky clean, wholesome, Mormon reputation was one of the qualities that made him attractive to so many conservative voters, but does this reputation hold true when Romney was one of the original members of Bain company, and the only guy who founded Bain Capital, and Bain Capital is the only company that manages Ryan Seacrest, and Ryan Seacrest is the manager of the Kardashians – the pop-culture powerhouse of a family and TV show that spanned 18 seasons, introducing new societal norms and debates into the american conversation, particularly through Caitlin Jenner, born Bruce Jenner, Olympic gold medalist, father to six children, and star of keeping up with the Kardashians, making Caitlin Jenner the most famous transgender woman in the world.

The Kardashians TV show was a delivery mechanism for ‘new think’

Not only is Mitt Romney responsible for the rise of the kardashians, but he is responsible for the rise of companies who manufacture the hormone chemicals and pills to make little boys transition to little girls, and little girls transitioned to little boys, before they ever hit puberty.

If Mitt Romney was openly running as the mystery Babylon pagan Republican candidate then okay, at least his business dealings would seem on-par with that particular ideology, but no, he continues to parade around as a conservative Mormon, which is a smidgen misleading, to say the least.

Mitt Romney is totally inseparable from his past, as he’s given rise to some of the most powerful corporations that have forever changed the cultural and political landscape of not just the United States, but the world. Isn’t that crazy to say out loud; that corporations have forever changed the cultural and political landscape of the world, and a corporation serves the purpose of putting a degree of separation between the company’s actions and the individuals calling the shots?

So what I’m really saying here is; that the one percent, the Deep State, the owners, the human farmers, whatever you want to call them, are using corporations and philanthropic organizations to disguise their agenda and avoid personal liability. And as we’ve demonstrated with Bain & Company, the government has been on board and even aided in this endeavor.

It gets a little darker when we ask what do these companies that Mitt Romney boosted, what do they actually do? These private companies that are part of the Government, just like Mitt Romney was a private businessman, but was somehow directly related to every single defense company in America.

It makes you wonder; does it really matter who we elect into power if corporations are controlling our countries?

Follow the Money

Despite the Monsanto-Bayer merger, Monsanto has not been able to escape the consequences of its crimes against humanity, with multiple lawsuits now ensuing, although too many to count have already gotten cancer as a result of being exposed to Monsanto’s ‘Round-Up’ herbicide, which is basically just Agent Orange repackaged.
Round-Up is killing people, and the class-action lawsuits are stacking up alongside the bodies. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see those responsible for so much death get hauled away by police to a swift trial, and an even swifter display of public justice?

I understand the justice system is far from perfect, but it’s even more flawed and ineffective when those who commit crimes against humanity use a corporate front to donate to organizations that explicitly state their goal of defunding the police, rendering the power of arrest for sedition null and void. To see how corporations are being used, all you have to do is follow the money, and Mitt Romney’s Bain & Co. companies that became huge corporations are the ones that now donate to Black Lives Matter.

And where exactly does that money go? Does it go to enriching the lives of African-American families? Of course not – it goes to a specific political party, and what’s more, Mitt Romney endorsed BLM – he marched for the neo-Marxist hate-group, under the guise of ‘social justice’.

But if he really cared about black lives, why did he give rise to companies that poisoned the groundwater, air, and blood of black cities? Why did he give rise to an organization that specifically carries out vaccine trials in black countries?

I’ll tell you why – chaos is the secret weapon the Deep State believes will save them. This has been the game-play of the Rockefeller-Rothschild system for a hundred years or more – to destabilize nations, to divide and conquer the people as a means of distraction, to release dangerous convicts while imprisoning people who don’t adhere to the new normal, to push society into total collapse so the one percent can once again assume control for the foreseeable future, all the while providing citizens with pills to subdue them into complacency.

In September of 2020, there’s this palpable feeling that hell is about to break loose – and I’m proposing that we attack the head of the rot now while its at it’s weakest, and while the rot isn’t limited to only the companies and individuals I’ve written about here, I have exposed the weakest link; Bane is now the elephant in the room, and their front-man, Mitt Romney, is their Achilles heel.