“It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” – Joseph Stalin

Updated; 23/Nov

More allegations of suspect activity during the 2020 election centered around a company called Dominion Voting Systems Inc. are coming to light, a Canadian company with a headquarters in Denver, who manufacture vote tabulating technology that has been used in elections globally.
Their Toronto office shares a floor in The Robinson Building with a Soros entity, The Tides Foundation, Canada.

Dominion Voting Systems (DVS – devious?) the second largest the voting machine and software supplier, and it holds over a third of the voting machine market in the US. Their software and machines are used in a total of 28 states in the U.S., and was used in all the swing states this year including; Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Nevada.

The largest being ES&S, which is also under growing scrutiny, due to the fact that many parts in their machines are made in China, and ownership is secretive. Dominion also uses Chinese made components in their machines. Virtually no laws govern the cyber-security aspects of voting machine technologies.

The industry has a two-tier structure with the three top-tier vendors, Election Systems and Software, Hart Intercivic, and Dominion Voting Systems covering approximately 92% of the total eligible voter population,” a major 2017 study on voting companies by the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative said. 

So DVS is a foreign-owned company, but what’s more troubling is that votes are often tabulated overseas, with servers in Frankfurt, Germany, and vote tabulation happening inexplicably in Spain, by a shady company called Scytl. Scytl is a Spanish company headquartered in Barcelona, offering a range of election services, including tabulation and online voting. Scytl has been used by various US states and cities in several ways since 2008.

Scytl have a history of being involved in election tampering in various nations, including installing ‘backdoors’ in its election software, and what’s more, the Spanish headquarters filed for bankruptcy in June 2020.
In addition, their website appears to be down [Archived copy], perhaps related to the fact that the US military recently raided Scytl’s servers and seized them, and claim there’s “compelling evidence” of vote switching.
In addition, Scytl have a long history of changing addresses within the US.

Scytl strangely posted their first tweet since June 17 today, fact checking themselves, and giving themselves the all-clear;

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, offered her remarks on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.
Engelbrecht said in the interview; “There’s a tabulation company called Scytel that does have could-based servers in Barcelona, and yes, it’s true that the tabulation [of votes] occurs in that way in many states that use that system.

Forbes reported in 2017:

Founded in 2001 in Spain, Scytl organized 12 state-wide implementations, and its technologies were used in another 980 U.S. jurisdictions in 28 states, during the 2016 General Election. Specializing in online voting and elections solutions, the company’s products include online voter registration services, poll worker management, and electronic ballot delivery.

Forbes, 2017 [Archive]

Who’s behind Dominion Voting?

According to a former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, some of the software’s shareholders are government officials. During a FOX interview over the weekend Powell pointed out that senator Diane Feinstein’s husband, Richard Bloom is a shareholder of Dominion Voting Systems.
The software company also has ties to house speaker Nancy Pelosi – her former chief of staff is one of the lobbyists on the company’s first ever lobbying firm.

“They have invested in it for their own reasons and are using it to commit this fraud to steal votes. I think they’ve even stolen them from other Democrats in their own party who should be outraged about this also,”

The attorney also suggested that Dominion had a hand in tilting the primaries in Joe Biden’s favor.

“Bernie Sanders might very well have been the democratic candidate but they’ve stolen against whoever they wanted to steal it from,” Powell said.

Sidney Powell – former federal prosecutor

Mentioned is Nadeam Elshami, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff, who last year became a lobbyist for DVS. Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck are Dominion’s first-ever lobbying firm, and Nadeam Elshami is one of the lobbyists on the account.

Also mentioned in the interview is Richard Bloom, California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband, with Bartriomo stating that Bloom is a significant shareholder in the company.
Bloom owns 60% of Avid technology Inc, who own and run Dominion Voting Systems. [SEC filing – PDF]

It’s worth noting that Senator Diane Feinstein has a 20 year+ history of close relationships with the Chinese Communist Party. Her husband, Bloom, has done very well out of multiple development deals in China dating back to the 1990’s. Obviously, the CCP don’t open up for business for Westerners without expecting something in return, especially back then.

In addition, Sen. Feinstein had a staffer of 10 years+ working for her named Russell Lowe, who began working for Dianne Feinstein in approximately 1993. Lowe was not a “driver,” as was widely reported, but served officially as “office director” as listed on Feinstein’s payroll in 2013, according to records maintained by the Sunlight Foundation.
Importantly, Lowe also acted as Feinstein’s California liaison to the Asian-American community, and was reporting back to China’s MSS (Ministry of State Security). Lowe had even attended events at the Chinese Consulate on behalf of the senator.

In March 2013, as scrutiny grew and the FBI warned several government officials of Chinese spying, Feinstein was forced to fire Lowe, but charges were never filed against him.

I sometimes say that in my last life maybe I was Chinese.


For the full story on Senator and Comrade Diane Feinstein and China, see The Federalist’s article; Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy.

Who’s really behind Dominion Voting;

Among the voting machine companies in question are of course DVS, but another as well; Smartmatic. In a tweet on Saturday, Giuliani alleged that Dominion is just a front, and that the company Smartmatic was really doing the computing for the elections.

This isn’t the first time Dominion has come under scrutiny; in 2019 legislators expressed concern about foreign involvement and the integrity of Dominion’s systems after questioning of the CEO, John Poulos, who revealed that they rely heavily on Chinese parts. [PDF].

John Poulos answers questions on Dominion’s voting machines’ integrity

 “All Dominion systems fully-support independent, third-party audits, and reviews of election data.” Poulos said in his written testimony. 

Smartmatic was founded by three Venezuelan engineers in 2000, and its software was first used in Venezuela to ensure Chavez never lost an election again. Its headquarters are now in London, however the company has maintained close ties to socialist Venezuela, a country whose government has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

An affidavit from a former confidant of the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez provides evidence that Smartmatic election tabulation software was created by the regime and exported internationally to manipulate voting results. [affidavit PDF]

As reported by the new York times in 2006, Smartmatic was under investigation for its ties to the Chavis regime after he was elected through the use of Smartmatic’s software.

Smartmatic was a little-known firm with no experience in voting technology before it was chosen by the Venezuelan authorities to replace the country’s elections machinery ahead of a contentious referendum that confirmed Mr. Chávez as president in August 2004.

NYT – 29/OCT, 2006

Although Smartmatic has now established itself overseas, allegations of its connections with the Chavez regime continue. It is known that Smartmatic and Dominion voting systems have had close ties over the years.
Venezuelan-led Smartmatic bought US-based Sequoia Voting Systems, and then sold it in 2006 after the U.S. led investigations into Smartmatic’s connections to the Venezuelan regime.

It’s believed that at this time Smartmatic put its technology into Sequoia, and Dominion later went on to buy sequoia in 2010, and is still its parent company. Sequoia tabulated over 125 million votes in U.S. 2004 election.

Antonio Mugica, CEO and co-founder of Smartmatic has an electronic engineering degree from the Simon Bolivar University in Caracas (Venezuela). Mugica holds a controlling interest in Smartmatic, but the company has not revealed who all of the Smartmatic owners are. According to the press, Smartmatic’s owners are hidden through a web off private off-shore entities.

According to a report by Voter Action; in 2008 Smartmatic still had ownership of intellectual property rights for some of Sequoia’s currently deployed election products. Dominion denies having any ties to Smartmatic now, though at one point Dominion also allowed Smartmatic to use its technology. In a lawsuit filed by Dominion against Smartmatic for violating anon-competition provision. It states;

in 2019 dominion granted Smartmatic a worldwide, non-exclusive license to certain voting systems that dominion had developed. The license agreement granted Smartmatic rights to certain patents and patent applications that Dominion owned or controlled and to all know-how trade secrets methodologies and other technical information owned or possessed by dominion.


It’s clear that not only are they all connected, but they’re running a shell game of name and ownership changes every time a problem arises.

In a statement on its website, Dominion Voting Systems said that it “categorically denies false assertions about vote switching issues.

Links to the Clintons;

Dominion’s communications manager is Penelope Chester, who used to work for the Clinton Foundation, and was also vice president at Teneo, a company whose main business was managing the Clinton’s overseas corporate businesses, as well as arranging Clinton speeches.

Penelope’s Propaganda Page over at the UN

Chester has a lengthy history of geo-political activism, including writing propaganda for the UN regularly to this day.
It could be argued that Chester is simply an insider in the Democratic Clinton family, but some American journalists have questioned the Clinton Foundation’s direct relationship with Dominion through Chester.

Her WordPress website has recently been hidden, but an archived copy reads;

Penelope is a strategy and communications professional, passionate about international affairs, human rights and democracy. With a wide range of experience in the non-profit, non-governmental and private sectors, she has worked with organizations and supported projects in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Africa. After being a key organizer for Women’s March Canada, she currently serves as a board member of March On, a women-led organization born out of the Women’s Marches, dedicated to creating significant political change in 2018 and 2020. She was previously Vice-President at Teneo, a consulting firm, after spending 4 years with an elections technology company, Dominion Voting. Penelope was also the Director of Communications and Fundraising for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and worked with the Clinton Foundation in Vancouver and New York.


The same bio on her UN page has dropped all mention of Teneo and Dominion.

A second link to the Clintons has also come to light; Dominion Voting Systems is supported by The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).
It appears The CGI has (had?) global aspirations for Dominion Voting.

Clinton Global Initiative – Dominion Voting link

DVS deny any link to The Clinton Global Initiative, claiming the only connection was a one-time donation. The fact that a voting machine company is donating to the Democrats is the issue, and not how many times it happened.
The donation they’re referring to is listed here in the Washington Post‘s 2014 table of donors [archive] as having donated between $25,001-$50,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

While on the Subject of Clinton corruption, the vote rigging scam was also used against Bernie in the 2016 Democrat primaries, and Bernie had to have known something wasn’t right. How do you think Bernie went on to purchase a $10M home shortly after?

Government Contracts;

A 2019 agreement between Santa Clara county and Dominion Voting Systems has a clause stating the workers can change the tally in the machines based on a review of scanned ballot images.

Santa Clara County – DVS agreement. [Item 2.26, pg 39]

California Sectary of State, Alex Padilla, says the system uses ‘ImageCast X’, which allows voters to use their paper ballot on the same digital machine to cast their vote, effectively turning the secure paper ballot into a digital copy.

A 11/Nov tweet by Kyle Becker contains a short video; ‘Princeton comp. science prof Andrew Appel shreds Dominion voting systems. America was warned.’
This image-cast evolution voting machine has the physical ability to mark votes onto the ballot after the last time the voter sees the ballot… and that’s a DISASTER.

Trump campaign lawyer, Sidney Powell, said in a press conference on 19/Nov;

…the machines were designed to be easily hacked, with software itself was created with so many variables, and so many backdoors, that can be hooked up to the internet, or a thumb-drive stuck in it, whatever, but one of it’s most characteristic features is its ability to flip votes.

Sidney Powell, Attorney – 19/Nov

Giuliani added that Dominion is “a radical left company” that employs “a big supporter of antifa” who has written “horrible things about the president” on social media for years, and the employee is on the web as being recorded having conversations with ANTIFA.

The former New York Mayor was referring to Eric Coomer, who joined Dominion as Vice President of U.S. Engineering in 2010 and was later later promoted to Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security. Eric Coomer was later promoted to Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security although Coomer has since been removed from the Dominion page of directors.
Eric Coomer has a long list of patents around voting tabulation.

Press Conference – 19/Nov

40 counties in the state of California use Dominion. In one county that did not use the system Republicans flipped two congressional seats; Orange County, 39th congressional district, and California’s 48 congressional district.

Sworn Affidavits;

In testimonies from poll watchers in Detroit, Michigan, one poll-watcher signed a sworn affidavit that said some of the Dominion Voting System’s voting machines were connected to the internet on election night. He says he saw an icon that indicated internet connection on the screen of a computer that was tabulating ballots.
That’s according to Michigan State Senator and aerospace engineer Patrick Colbeck. He says other poll watchers can attest to it.

He also says that the security issue which happened at 10 am on election day could possibly be attributed to the internet connection. His testimony is one of the six witness statements cited in the Michigan lawsuit.
The software has been issued in 30 states including every single swing state.

Colbeck explained that as poll challenger – a role distinct from that of poll watcher – he could “challenge the execution” of the voting process at each of his local precincts, if anything illegal was performed. He likened himself to a kind of “floor general” of poll challengers, responsible for highlighting issues that other poll challengers brought to his attention.
Colbeck noted;

“The poll workers themselves are fairly cooperative; they just want to do the right thing. But some of the chief election officials seemed to be intent on interfering with actual oversight activities of our officials, which is blatantly against the law. And that interference did not start on election day, November 3 – it started well before that.”

“The stuff that was really egregious, and frankly a threat to election integrity, wasn’t that exciting. In addition to being a former Michigan state senator I was also an aerospace engineer. I worked doing cabling design for the space station, and I also am a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist,” said Colbeck.

“So the first thing that I checked out when I got into the AV counting board was the network topology for the computerized tabulators, the electronic poll books, adjudicators, and the election official computers.”

Patrick Colbeck – Interview with lifesite
Patrick Kolbeck interview, LIFESITE NEWS

‘Blatant lying’ about internet connection;

Colbeck told Stover in the above interview that he found it very concerning that;

…every single one of these computers [used for the voting process], except for the electronic poll books, connected to the internet.

That’s kind of interesting, because that opens up the door to a lot of people tapping into this network,” he explained. “I don’t care if it’s secure, if the communications are encrypted, if they got a VPN network, it doesn’t matter. There are people a lot smarter than I am that know how to break this in a matter of minutes.

When I walked in, one of the first things that I did was I walked around to all the computers. With the exception of the electronic poll books, and they all had that icon saying they’re connected to the internet.

I asked the head of the election bureau – his name was Daniel Baxter – I go, are any of these computers connected to the internet? And he told me, ‘No they’re not.’

I walked through again, and I heard about what happened earlier in the day, I think it was 10 am, a message had popped up on a computer screen that startled one of the poll workers, that said, ‘Your computer is being hacked.’

So there’s another election official, the former state representative by the name of David Nathan, and I said, ‘David, are these computers connected to the internet?’
And he says, ‘No they are not.’ And I go, ‘Well can you verify that for me?’

And all he had to do was move that little mouse cursor over the land connectivity icon in the bottom right hand corner, and it’ll pop up and say you’re connected to the internet or you’re not.
And he said, ‘No, you’re just gonna have to trust me.’

And I said, ‘Dave, I’m sorry, but maybe somebody lied to you.’ I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. And I’m saying, ‘I’d like to have verification that the computer isn’t connected to the internet.’

And he said, ‘You’re just gonna have to trust me’. And that’s where it was left.

Patrick Colbeck – interview w/ lifesite news

DVS in Michigan;

In Michigan, Dominion Voting Systems was to blame for the 6,000 miscounted votes in Antrim County. The skewed result initially saw Biden as winning the traditionally red county, but when investigated they found out Trump actually won.

The Antrim County clerk Cheryl Guy initially attributed the problem to a combination of a software glitch and human error. On 3/Nov Gabriel Sterling, the voting system implementation manager, had told reporters at a press conference that it was probably a dataset that had been uploaded, but according to Politico, on 9/Nov Sterling backpedaled on the statement, saying the Dominion Software had no part in the mistake.
There was nothing that was done to the system after that date,” [Oct. 31] he said, and now blames the problem solely on human error on the part of Cheryl Guy.

Melissa Carone, a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems said in a new sworn statement that she saw “fraudulent actions take place” at Detroit’s ballot counting site on Election Day.

Carone, who was doing IT work at the TCF Center, Michigan, worked from 6:15 a.m. on Nov. 3 to 4 a.m. the next day, before returning for another several hours of work later on Nov. 4.

Carone said in an affidavit that she “witnessed nothing but fraudulent actions take place.” Carone said she saw workers count some ballots four or five times, and noticed that one of the counters had even counted a batch of ballots eight times.

Carone also swore in the affidavit that she witnessed that workers who received ballots that they couldn’t read, or that had something spilled on them, would get blank ballots and fill them out, change the vote and forge signatures.

I confronted my manager, Nick Ikonornakis saying how big of a problem this was, Nick told me he didn’t want to hear that we have a big problem. He told me we are here to do assist with IT work, not to run their election,

Melissa Carone

Carone’s affidavit is now part of a lawsuit filed in Michigan by the Great Lakes Justice Center that seeks to void the election results due to irregularities.

DVS in the Swing States;

Michigan wasn’t the only state where problems were connected to Dominion; in two Georgia counties the night before the election two of the machines crashed. Voters in Morgan and Spalding Counties couldn’t cast ballots for hours after the crash.
Marcia Ridley of the Spalding County Board of Elections said, according to Politico, that the company uploaded something on the night before election day, which is not something that’s normally ever done, and it caused a glitch.  The glitch prevented poll workers from programming the voter smart cards for the voting machines. She stands by her statement. Republicans were also excluded from observing mail-in ballots in Georgia as well.
As of 14/Nov., Georgia have begun a hand-recount of over 5 million ballots.

Pennsylvania’s result is also now in question, and looks as though the election fraud may be most prolific in PA. According to Pennsylvania’s election returns website, on election day President Trump won nearly two thirds of all votes cast in the state.

Pennsylvania then began counting ballots by mail.  There was no reporting on how many votes were outstanding at the end of election night.  There was no reporting ever that we are aware of where the state announced how many votes were left to count after the election. Republicans were not allowed to observe the counting of these votes even though a court order was in place demanding that the state so. 

Pennsylvania is now reporting more than 2.5 million mail in ballots.  This number of ballots has never been seen before in the state.  As the mail-in ballots were counted, the state began cutting into the President’s 675,000 vote lead and eventually they gave the election to Biden.  Biden won 2 million of the 2.5 million mail-in ballots.

Michigan lawmakers are investigating vote counts in the election process after the Republican-led oversight committee issued a subpoena Saturday, requesting to review documents related to the election process.

Two lawsuits have been filed in Michigan, one at a federal level, one at a state level. The fake news media, including FOX, are reporting that there is no hard evidence of election fraud. Here is a damning signed and sworn affidavit of half a dozen poll watchers in Michigan, who detail gross election fraud [Affidavit PDF]. An affidavit is hard evidence.

On the 12 of November, President Donald Trump tweeted;

Damage Control;

Thing have been looking bad for DVS since shortly after the election.
On November 5th Dominion Voting went into serious damage control, even going as far as to reconfigure their home page to a huge ‘Myth Busting’ theme.
The statement contains a lot of weasel words, half truths, omissions, and even flat-out lies. Click the pic for an archived version of DVS’ ‘SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT‘ – this from a professional record keeper, who can’t or doesn’t keep records straight.

On 11/Nov Associated Press also ran damage control for Dominion Voting, and the Democrats connected to it;

Claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the Clinton Foundation have interest or influence in Dominion are all unsubstantiated. But that didn’t stop tens of thousands of social media users from amplifying them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this week.

Associated Press , 11 Nov

And NBC recently ran with the headline; ‘QAnon’s Dominion voter fraud conspiracy theory reaches the president‘ with a ridiculous picture of what they’d like you to believe is your average QAnon type is. [archive].
Strange, because on August 17 2019, NBC published a video report to their news website, titled; “How hackers can target voting machines” in which Dominion is specifically mentioned, as well as the fact that Dominion and ES&S are both very hostile to such ‘hackathon’ events, such as the world’s biggest underground hacking conference, ‘DEFCON’, held in Las Vegas.

The hacking group focused on voting integrity in tech is called ‘Voting Village’, and their 2019 review, page 18, of Dominion’s machines is worrisome. [Report].

This is bigger than the 2020 election. Dominion Voting Systems, and Smartmatic software, have been used in elections at all levels all over the world. If DVS is delegitimized, well what does that mean for any number of election results they were involved in globally? And what of the ‘duly elected’ heads-of-State, particularity considering the software and machines are favored by leftist-dictator types? You start to see why it so very important that the Dominion/Smartmatic thing is buried.

But then, who are you going to believe – ‘authoritative sources’, or your lying eyes?

Others were quick to note the partisan censorship from Twitter of any material citing election fraud, and raised concerns over how 100% of a vote dump could possibly go to Biden. But the social media giant has maintained its crackdown on sharing this information. Twitter users could not like or share a tweet from the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh noting the 138,339-vote dump, in which all 138,339 votes went to Biden.

It’s also worth nothing that it seems a little coincidental that all of the swing states decided to go the same route of suspicious, and blatantly fraudulent and illegal activity, all at the same time. Clearly this was a coordinated effort, which makes this election fraud, and not voter fraud.

It’s an important distinction to make, as the difference in language is this; it’s government’s doing (election fraud) vs it’s the people’s (voter fraud), as is the term that will be used going forward.

In the interest of keeping this article reasonably short, I cant go into the laundry-list of other types of domestic election fraud recorded, but it’s clear that voting machines are and have always been a bad idea, and can also be wide-open to foreign interference;

Clearly the future of clean and trustworthy voting is a type of blockchain (unhackable) type distributed voter ledger system, and for voters to present in person with ID. As for voter ID, well it seems redundant when everybody has a valid ID, and just another avenue to louse up the works.

Any internet connection to vote tabulating software or machines is just not smart, nor is having them foreign owned or made, and as for outsourcing tabulation to offshore shady companies, it’s inexplicable.
I suspect that this isn’t the first election where the tech aspect of the voting system has had it’s huge weakness’ exploited. What was the real score in 2016?

Alternatively, everyone could just buy their own voting machine;

‘Stop The Steal’

A ‘Stop The Steal‘ rally was held in Michigan. NTD, who issued a statement on their channel 10/Nov saying they do not call the election for Biden as every other outlet has without question, covered the rally;

*For a chronological timeline of the unraveling of the fraud, including updates on Dominion Voting Systems, see; The Fall of the Office of The President Elect.

Three entities focused on observing and maintaining election integrity immediately took action on the 4/Nov., once election fraud became evident.
Please check them out;

Let’s Fix Stuff
Election Integrity
True The Vote