This goes out to anyone in the service industries, owns a small business, or has had their life and livelihood taken away.

Until 2020 we were very used to living well, very free, we enjoyed our lives. We had all that taken away so fast, and with such orchestrated deception, that it seemed to happen overnight, and falsely led us to believe there is an endpoint in sight if we just go along.
We must stop thinking like a victim-criminal mentality; the victim often thinks ‘oh, I’ll just do whatever the criminal tells me to do and they’ll let me go, and it’ll all be over’.

Understand this; They Don’t Wan’t To Let You Go. Ever.

They want complete control over us, and they don’t EVER want to see things go back to normality. There will ALWAYS be another cluster, another mutation, another outbreak, and of course ever more experimental ‘vaccines’.

This is the time when we must stand up. Every business and individual must stand up to take these demonic psychopaths down. Because if we don’t, they’re never letting you go back to normal. Never.

And with our tech now being being as advanced as it is, it is entirely conceivable that the tyranny will be forever this time. There will be no fighting your way out, as societies who’ve changed their minds on their poor choices of government have done in the past.

It’s also worth noting that we are seeing a new paradigm here, where the tyranny is also being enforced by our (dumbed-down?) fellow citizens, via fear-inducing narratives that everyone may be a potential threat to one’s own safety. The ultimate divide and conquer.
It’s all diabolically clever.

This isn’t about Democrat or Republican, or any right-left paradigm, this is about humanity.
I for one am not ready to stand aside and sign over freedom, and all based on little to no evidence of the alleged ‘threat’, just so these monsters can scoop up trillions of dollars and consolidate power into the hands of a few.

We must stop them. We must grow groups. we must organize, at state, country, and global levels. This is the time to get serious. If we don’t get serious now, and it ain’t going to take them long, this following year of 2021 could be absolute disaster for freedom, liberty and humanity.
And with the power afforded by the technocracy that is looming large, it is foreseeable that there will be no avenue left to go back. Ever.

We have to address this NOW. Every day matters. Forget about looking forward to a free next Christmas, next Easter, next thanksgiving – they’ll never happen if we don’t stop them NOW.

All I want is to see people get their lives back. I wan’t to see people return to mowing their lawns on a sunny Saturday, and not having to worry about who’s coming to take everything from us.

We must organize and grow.
Get the word out there. I’m not giving up, and neither should anyone else with a backbone.

It’s now or never.

Note; you’ll no doubt meet resistance from within your own circle in talking to people about this.
That’s normal. It’s important to remember that not everyone in our society values freedom over security – for many it’s just the opposite. In fact, many will willingly lie down, metaphorically and physically, for the enemy to appease them. The victim/criminal mentality.
You can expect to be attacked by these people, as in their eyes, you are threatening to ‘upset the apple-cart’, and they’d rather avoid trouble in the now, and appear to have no concept of the repercussions later of doing so.
If you can’t get through – move on. Don’t waste your time trying to convince these people, as many of them prefer to be oblivious, and worse, I suspect that every closet-tyrant in our society, and there are many, are quietly on-board with the medical tyranny.

*Please share this with three people you feel it would resonate with.

*Resource; The Facts on Masks (1-pg word doc fact-sheet to distribute & share.)

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscious to remain silent

Thomas Jefferson