Who Controls the Food Supply Controls the People

“Who controls the food supply controls the people” — Henry Kissinger

In a recent interview with MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates says that westerners should switch to eating 100% synthetic meat;

“So no, I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will be eating synthetic meat. I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand”.

Bill Gates, MIT Tech review

You know who won’t be switching to eating 100 synthetic meat? Bill Gates! The Microsoft founder says he was vegan for about five minutes in his twenties as being a vociferous carnivore almost all his life and lists his favorite food as hamburgers. While you’re chowing down on 3D-printed plastic meat Billy boy and his DAVOS mates will still be enjoying the finest fillet steak.

The war on meat is just a continuation of the war on living standards. The technocrats just can’t let go of their dream of returning to the days of feudalism; the haves and the have-nots, the evisceration of the middle class, that’s why wealth inequality has only vastly increased the more power we hand over to these people.

By making beef a rare delicacy we’re regressing back to pre-boom 80’s communist China when it was seen as an expensive treat that could only be enjoyed on special occasions. You can guarantee they’ll still be consuming vast quantities of beef in China forever more, while we’ll all be on the bugs and beyond burger diet.

Don’t forget the same ‘Great Reset’ elite demanding that we give them more power to help the poor recover from the pandemic have vehemently advocated for lockdowns that will push one billion people into extreme poverty by the end of 2030. 10,000 additional children dying every month in the third world because of the lockdowns they advocated. 550,000 children suffering malnutrition. Should really listen to them about food production?

The rich really got richer in 2020

The transfer of wealth in 2020 was unprecedented. Billionaires almost doubled their wealth over the last year, transnational corporations have seen 100% profit increases while 100,000 small businesses have gone bankrupt, nearly a quarter of them have closed down for good — while Gates’ wealth increased by $20 billion
His $133 billion fortune makes him the world’s fourth wealthiest man.

Gates has been using that newfound cash to expand his power over global populations by buying devalued assets at fire-sale prices and maneuvering for monopoly control over public healthprivatizing prisonsonline education and global communications while promoting digital currencieshigh tech surveillancedata harvesting systems and artificial intelligence.

And are cow farts really destroying the planet, or as this research paper documents, did the IPCC exaggerate the global warming impact of methane by 400%? Surely not, I mean it’s not like they’ve ever been caught hiding key data about temperature increases before is it? For those still living in a sane world, the “protein problem” refers to the eating and farting of cows, which leads to fertilizers poisoning the land and methane emissions stinking up the air.

Gates spoke to Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes this month about his plans to stop the Earth’s six-billion-year-old climate from changing. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to find out that Gates will make a lot more money if he forces all wealthy countries to only use artificial meat.

Bill gates is greasing the skids for farmers across the western world to become destitute. He’s exerting his considerable power to create a world in which farming and the ownership of livestock is basically illegal for the little guy, while himself buying up vast amounts of farmland across the united states; 242,000 acres at last count, making him the biggest owner of farmland in America, and all at pandemic fire-sale prices – classic Gates.

As Robert F Kennedy Jr reveals in his excellent article; ‘Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill‘, Bill Gates is trying to monopolize global food production; he’s forcing GMO crops, seed patents, and synthetic foods all of dubious safety, on populations across the world, and all while suggesting you’re immoral for consuming beef.

A study found that extreme hunger has increased by 30 percent in the 18 countries that Gates targeted. Rural poverty has metastasized dramatically, and the number of hungry people in these nations has risen to 131 million.
Is this really the guy we should be listening to when it comes to food? is this really the guy who’s trying to save the world?

Even the left-wing publication The Nation is a bit skeptical of Gates’ intentions on the matter of halting climate change;

Given Gates’s track record of success inserting himself into other policy debates—everything from US education to global health—it seems likely he will continue to take up oxygen in the climate discourse going forward.

If so, he proceeds from a precarious position, not just because of his thin credentials, untested solutions, and stunning financial conflicts of interest, but because his undemocratic assertion of power—no one appointed or elected him as the world’s new climate czar—comes at precisely the time when democratic institutions have become essential to solving climate change.

The Nation

For a man obsessed with monopolistic control over every aspect of our lives, the opportunity to also dominate food production must seem irresistible.

A must-read;

Farmer Bill and Neo-Feudalism‘ – a must-read.


  1. Monopolies often illegal in a country but no boundaries on global monopoly.
    No one to stop him currently. Although l am encouraged that Australia turned back Huawei and Chinese control


  2. It Appears the man who’s first priority is Eugenics, thinks God will give him rein over Life & death by any means…..I have a feeling Gates is about to meet his makerface to face!
    God W/o Billy, God Always wins


  3. I know the Bill Gates or big food knows a healthy vegan diet cuts infections and colds flus etc, Yet the organized vegan community never talked of the germ theory and the fraud it took to push it by the elite banksters. The fact the vegans see that diet trumps germs proves the terrain theory and most illnesses need diet not doctors > one great professional is Dr Lorraine Day. Vegans like Dr Day or few christians acknowledge heathen gods are real and bless and empower their worshippers. The vegan community came from Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism > left veganism & the twisting of veganism & other religions from better sources proves Jesus. These gods kept the movement too introverted > yoga etc. and the vegan movement could have promoted terrain theory Dr Beauchamp and ended the “ reign of vaccines as Ghandi > Indian independence > labeled vaccines “ a form of barbarism “


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