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ANTIFA – comically, the name is a combination of the words Anti and Fascist.
Of course, it’s clear to anyone not blinded by ideology that this group is a modern day black/brown-shirt, fascistic gang of thugs, but in post-truth 2021, war is peace, love is hate, ignorance is strength, and the fascists call themselves the Anti-Fascists.

Anti-vaxxer‘ – an intellectually dishonest slur for anyone concerned that experimental gene therapy mightn’t be what they want in their or their family’s bodies. The implication is they’re a tin-foil hat wearing, irresponsible, selfish lunatic, when in reality, they’d just like to know what’s in the jab, or already know and say no thanks. After all, who wouldn’t reject being a ‘Guinea-pig’, apart from hive-minded authoritarians, enthralled by the medical tyranny, quietly urging it on, and willing to ignore the facts in favour of ideology?

Anti-racism – anti-racism is to racism what pre-emptive war is to war.

Build Back Better – a term used ubiquitously by every politician and world leader, since recognizing that the largely oversold ‘pandemic’ is the perfect opportunity to put The Great Reset plan into motion. The term is intended to imply that the current system is broken beyond repair, and must be torn down. There can of course be no fixing it’s alleged ‘flaws’, and building back something better is our only way forward. That something of course is better for psychopathic technocrats, and not so much for you though.

BLM – Burn, Loot & Murder. A self-proclaimed Marxist agitator group, with strong support from the Chinese Progressive Association, and also a front for milking the woke public via donations, and business is booming.

By Any Means Necessary – a phrase first introduced during the 1960’s, and became somewhat of a mission statement for the radical left. It is generally considered to imply that all available tactics for the desired ends (over-throwing those darn oppressors), including violence, are acceptable. Belief in fictitious oppressors is vital for the justification of an all-out assault on society.

Climate Change – previously known as global warming, but that didn’t fit with the fact that some parts of the earth are cooling, climate change is what climates do – they change.

Climate Crisis – the new, more salacious name for climate change.

Community organizing – Marxist speak for rabble rousing. For ‘community organizers’, racial resentments are a stock in trade. What does a community organizer do? What he does not do is organize a community. What he organizes are the resentments and paranoia within a community, directing those feelings against other communities, from whom either benefits or revenge are to be gotten, using whatever rhetoric or tactics that will accomplish that purpose.

Consequence culture – known as ‘cancel culture’ to the rest of society, the left have renamed it to better reflect that by being cancelled, ‘they got what they deserved’.
Cancel culture involves destroying a person’s life and livelihood for merely having engaged in ‘wrong-think’. Cancel culture goes exclusively in one direction – against conservatives, and so yet again we see the disconnect between the woke’s self-proclamation of being the champions of the people, whilst grinding a censorious, punitive boot into society’s face at the same time.
You’re either what Lenin termed a ‘useful idiot’, or an intellectual thug to go along with Woke.

Cultural appropriation – is an accusation levelled that allows the woke to pretend to be offended on another culture’s behalf. Almost always the culture in question have expressed no offence of their own, nor did they ask for anyone to be offended on their behalf. It is in fact, extremely condescending to said culture, as though they aren’t able to defend themselves, should they see the need. (see ‘vulnerable‘).
Being offended is powerful currency on Planet woke, and so ‘offence’ is found everywhere, even where there is none. It is power over others.

Critical (race) Theory – conceived by Marx himself, critical theory is as the name suggests, the pseudo-science of criticizing, and seemingly without ever offering a constructive solution or alternative. Change is not the goal as claimed, but rather, destruction by relentless criticism is.
The oppression, whether real or imagined, is attributed to whichever element of society the left find problematic or an obstacle to power, or whenever leverage is needed. All critical race theory is deceptive pseudo-science at best, and is the very definition of systemic racism.
Critical Race Theory is to race what communism is to class.

Conservative – white supremist.

Domestic terrorist – anyone who questions the narrative in Biden’s Brave New America, usually conservatives.

‘Educate Yourself’ – read the sources and hold the views that I agree with.

Equity – ensuring everyone is equal in poverty rather than unequal in prosperity.

Green New Deal – yet another attempt to usher in centralized government control over every aspect of life under the guise of saving the planet.

Identity politics – is a term that describes the left’s obsession with making sure society never gets a chance to move on from our biological differences. The politics are always framed as being anti-bigotry, but the goal is to keep race/gender/etc at the forefront of the conversation at all times, as this is ‘good for business’. The left have a ‘hierarchy of the oppressed’, and the ever-expanding list of categories rank higher/lower than others on the oppression totem pole, and that is the only metric of measure as to the level of one’s oppression, and the individual’s experience is irrelevant, as is the individual to collectivists.

Karl MarxThe devil’s envoy among man.


Marxism – the science of deceptively obtaining power and resources under the guise of victimhood. After 100 million dead since it’s conception, the fact that far-left won’t leave it alone speaks volumes.

MeToo – a movement that had it’s roots in a genuine cause – rooting out systemic sexual abuse, and curiously, it was mostly focused at the time on that bastion of leftism – Hollywood. (I thought the conservatives were the monsters?).
As always, the movement was quickly co-opted by the woke left, and rose to prominence when the demand that the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ was to be done away with during a high-profile case, and any questioning of a ‘victim’s’ story made the questioner essentially an accomplice of the alleged abuser by default, as they had failed to ‘believe all women’.
The movement inevitably flamed-out due to inevitable in-fighting, and lack of credibility.

Microaggression – a trivial bit of speech or behavior that causes no actual injury but is used as a basis on which to claim harm.

Mostly peaceful – exceedingly violent.

Patriarchy – a conspiracy theory fed to the left by post-modernists. This demonstrably false, somewhat paranoid theory is inexplicably mostly propagated and believed in by middle to upper-class white women – the most privileged demographic on the planet. In a nutshell, the claim is that men secretly meet every Thurs. afternoon to twirl our moustaches, rub our hands together, and scheme and plot how to oppress women next week.

Postmodernism – pseudo-science that originated from the bowels of the Frankfurt School in Germany. Even Hitler knew bad news when he saw it, so he kicked them out of Germany, and they settled in the US. The post-modernists of the 1960’s that essentially founded ‘woke’, we’re an LSD addled, demonic, wretched bunch, who’s half-baked, resentful pseudo-science, and armchair-Freudian nonsense can only believed by those that want to believe in it, same any cult member.

Punching down – challenging/attacking the allegedly vulnerable. (See ‘vulnerable‘)

Punching up – challenging/attacking alleged oppressors.

Privilege – any advantage of yours that can be used to ‘justify’ putting you at the bottom of whatever social or dialectical space we are in.

Racist – anyone who questions the left’s narratives around race.

Relativism – making stuff up as it suits. Relativism, conceived by the postmodernists, argued that Western society and it’s values, beliefs, and traditions were just bourgeois, oppressive, social constructs, and so therefore one can, and should, turn their back on the very foundations that made Western society so successful. With relativism you’re free to pretend your reality should and can be what ever you want it to be Daddy-O, resulting in the intended erosion of sound values and the subversion of the West.

Religion – science.

‘Right Wing’ / ‘Alt Right’ – everyone I disagree with, even if they are Marxist feminists.

Saul Alinsky – considered the Godfather of community organizing, he authored the book; Rules For Radicals, (dedicated to Lucifer). In the Alinsky model, “organizing” is a euphemism for “revolution” — a wholesale revolution whose ultimate objective is the systematic acquisition of power by a purportedly oppressed segment of the population, and the radical transformation of the West’s social and economic structure. Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties. Alinsky advised organizers and their disciples to quietly, subtly gain influence within the decision-making ranks of these institutions, and to introduce changes from that platform.
Popular alinskyites: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama.

Safe space – where elitists go to avoid free speech.

Science – religion.

Speaking truth to power – speaking power to truth.

Sunshine Movement – marxist youth recruitment group, focused mostly for environmental and racial causes.

Systemic racism – critical race theory.

Vulnerable – allegedly, what all groups in society that the left claim as there own (as though they were monoliths), are. It’s very important to keep people feeling powerless, and believing they are hated by whomever the bourgeoise is this week, and that only a vote for left can save them.

Watermelon – green on the outside, red on the inside. Communists using fake concern for the environment to further centralized government control. The left claim capitalism can’t be trusted with the environment, yet pollution was/is at it’s highest levels under communist regimes (USSR, China), while the USA has the cleanest air since 1970. It’s clear the damage done to the environment in the last half of the 20th century was due to the generation at the helm, and not left-right politics.

White privilege – what emerges from the process of converting non-racist whites into racist whites.

White supremist – any conservative person right of Stalin, and of Anglo descent. They cement their white supremist status whenever they disagree with woke ideology, such as the fallacy of anglo-culture being stained with some sort of racial ‘original sin’.

Whitness – whiteness is to critical Race Theory what original sin is to Christianity.

Woke – deluded, or fake awareness of social issues.

Women’s liberation – a western concept; serving one’s family in the home is patriarchal oppression, but serving a capitalist corporation is liberation. There is rarely in mention of women around the world who really could use some liberating. This from literally the most the privileged demographic to have ever lived. Yikes.

* The above terms and phrases are subject to change by tomorrow morning.