The more you research, the more you find with this guy, and it almost always leads back to Beijing. Victorians should spend less time listening to Andrews on contact tracing, and more time on tracing the contacts of Andrews;

Dan’s New Permanent Powers;

In a statement late 10/Dec, Daniel Andrews confirmed a ‘pandemic declaration’ will come into effect at 11.59pm on December 15, when the current state of emergency expires.

When you’re in this stage of this pandemic, you need to have a broader focus, and that’s exactly what these new arrangements will underpin,” Dan told the ABC (Australian Bolshevik Collective).

In an extraordinary move, Dan ordered the detail of the bill has been kept secret from the public. MPs complained that they are only being briefed on the bill the night before voting on it, despite the bill’s extremely serious contents.

The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill allows the premier to declare a pandemic at his own discretion, while the health minister can now enforce orders such as lockdowns, mask-wearing, vaccination mandates, and quarantine. Massive fines with fines of up to $454,350 have been announced for those who break pandemic guidelines in the future – fines intended to destroy people.

The new bill aims to replace Victoria’s current State of Emergency Laws — which were used throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but had to be renewed every four weeks to remain in effect. According to the Andrews Government, the new laws would be a “purpose-built” response to handle pandemics specifically, rather than the current emergency laws that are all-encompassing.

Dan required the new laws as the state of emergency could no longer be extended. 

We are now witnessing the beginning of these indefinite pandemic powers at work. Is any of this backed by evidence? Doesn’t matter. The decisions are solely with Dan now.

Dan’s Strong Cities Network;

In 2018 Victorian state Premier Daniel Andrews sold out Victoria to an initiative called the Strong Cities Network (SCN). Moreover, Melbourne, under Premier Andrews’ leadership, was host to SCN’s 2018 global summit, the same year Andrews signed over the entire state of Victoria to the globalist initiative.

Victoria is the only state in Australia to have signed on thus far, as can be seen in SCN’s list of member cities. Strangely, The entire STATE of Victoria is mentioned as a member in this list of cities. Victoria is a state, and not a city.

Victoria police are always dressed in navy blue, with the insignia on the shoulder. The sinister, black dystopian uniforms and vehicles seem to be a new addition to Australia, and they’re known as the Public Order Response Unit. These ‘black shirts’ are SCN.

SCN troops are dressed in black with black riot-squad like vehicles, and don’t have the Australian police logo on their uniforms. Instead they have a fluro-coloured rectangular patch on their backs, easily removed or changed, as it is attached with Velcro. The patches differ in colour, and seem to me to be more for the purpose of tactical identification in the field amongst the different Public Order Response Unit squads.

So who runs the Strong Cities Network? SCN is an initiative of London-based think tank; the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) – whose mission statement is to “Power Solutions to Extremism and Polarisation” – again more vague language that can’t be quantified, but can be applied to whatever public activity they choose.

Dig a little deeper into the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), specifically their ‘Partners and Funders‘ funding page (whole section now scrubbed – links to archived copies), and then things start to make sense; it’s a who’s who of globalists. Under the ‘Foundations‘ sub-section, you’ll find George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, under ‘NGO’s‘ you’ll find United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and those familiar with the true agenda of the totally corrupt UN will not be surprised to see them involved, and the usual suspects are lurking in the section titled ‘Private Sector‘; Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, etc.

But perhaps most disturbing for Victorians is that under the section ‘Academic Institutions‘ on the now scrubbed Partners and Funders page on ISD’s website; only 5 academic establishments are listed globally, yet two of them are Australian Universities. And listed in the ‘Governments and Intergovernmental Organisations’ section is ‘Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria, Australia’ – Premier Dan Andrews.

So as Australia recently discovered, the curfews and lock-downs in Victoria are not based on the Chief Health Officer’s advice, but rather Premier Andrews put them in place of his own accord.

Andrews has always been very interested in top-down authoritarian style governance – in 2016 Premier Andrews toured the New York Police Department’s ‘Real Time Crime Center‘ surveillance facility during a visit to the United States, tweeting that soon Victoria will have ‘one of our own’;

In 2017 Victoria Police were set to bring in the twenty-four hour system to Australia, with a new $15 million Monitoring and Assessment Centre, modelled on the New York center. In addition to all of this, Andrews allocated almost $600 million AUD as part of a ‘public safety package’ in the 2016-17 budget. This was in addition to the $2 billion already spent on 3,200 new police officers.
What is Andrews preparing for?

Andrews spent $2.6 Billion of tax-payer’s money on stocking up on surveillance, riot equipment, and 3,200 extra police, then once in place he handed Victoria over to the globalists.

Do you still Stand with Dan and his absolutely remarkable Nostradamus-like foresight?

Dan and the Missing $1.3 Billion For ICU Beds;

On 1st April 2020, Premier Daniel Andrews announced a “Huge expansion of our health system to fight Coronavirus”.

He outlined $1.3 billion to ‘quickly establish an extra 4,000 ICU beds.  This would add to the 450 ICU beds already in place across the State. Another $1.2 billion was announced for ‘equipment’ such as 551 million gloves, 100 million masks and 14.5 million gowns.

The $1.2 billion and $1.3 billion were on top of $537 million previously announced for `more beds, ICU equipment and PPE’. In total, the April Fools announcement gave Victoria at least 4,450 ICU beds.

On that day in 2020, Victoria’s C19 death tally was four. By the next day it was six. That leaves another 4,440 ICU beds procured for C19, empty. You would have to argue that the curve has been flattened and the system can cope.

Yet 518 days since that April Fools announcement, the whole of Victoria remains in lockdown, curfews are in place, shops are shut, schools are closed and people are desperate. Either the April One investment was made, or it was not. And if not, where has the money gone?

When announcing the $1.3 billion, the Premier said he was “…preparing Victoria’s healthcare system to rise to the challenge”. Since then, it seems every Victorian has risen to the challenge of being locked up, except the Premier, his Government and the CHO. Their Hotel Quarantine debacle cost 801 lives.

The former Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said the April 1 investment was needed to “…save lives and help us get to the other side of the crisis”. In truth, it is the Government’s cruel decision making – and not the virus – that is costing lives especially of the young. For nine months of this year, not one life was lost to C19 in Victoria.

In his latest dismissal of the Victorian Parliament on 17 August, he told reporters that he “answers enough questions here every day.” By that he meant questions from hand-picked journalists with cute ‘Dorothy Dixers’. He was not referring to questions on the floor of the parliament.

In September last year, Beverley McArthur wrote a piece for The Spectator called ‘When irrelevant is relevant’. It put focus on the Premier’s use of the word irrelevant. He spits it out like venom to those who oppose him. For some time, he has gone quiet on irrelevant, but it is making a comeback.

Without scrutiny, what becomes irrelevant to the Premier are his reckless April Fools billions and the unchallenged lockdown policies that fail logic. He is guided by the internal polling, the focus-groups, his super-computer and the expert advice that no one has ever seen, or ever will.

Where did the money go Dan?

In the short video above, Dan scolds a reporter for asking how many beds have been delivered, quoting health minister Jenny Mikakos’ April statement of funding 4,000 new ICU beds. Dan denies Mikakos made the announcement – clip of Mikakos making the statement follows.

Dan’s Project Gen V;

In November 2017 Dan announced exciting news in this Facebook post (now deleted);

Click for archived copy

His post linked to an article behind a paywall that outlined project Gen V, which aims to track the lives of babies from the time they’re born until their old age to identify causes of disease and complete interventional trials and prevention of disease. And guess what; along the way they’re creating a huge database, specifically of baby’s born in Victoria between 2020 and 2021.

Coincidently, another government that has accelerated collection of citizens DNA recently is The Chinese Communist Party. (Victorians – I did some digging and it appears you can opt-out of this program, but you must articulate it).

So to summarize; Dan Andrews, extending his extended powers of lockdown, is turning Victoria into a prison, along with the destroying personal freedoms and liberties, and all before your newborn baby’s foot ever touches the earth, and he stated the intention back in 2017.

Dan, QDOS, and $2M in tax payer’s Money;

Manipulating minds is Daniel Andrews’ forte, and he will stop at nothing to convince you to vote for him. Andrews paid a Labor ‘strategist’ almost $2 million dollars to run a project to monitor the views of Victorians. And despite the taxpayer bankrolling this dubious and unwanted work, the ‘research’ will remain under wraps within Andrews’ Department of Premier and Cabinet. They won’t release it.

In December last year, an outfit called QDOS Research was handed a $1.1 million contract without a competitive tender. QDOS was also paid over three quarters of a million to conduct research for Andrews department between 2016 and 2018.

The QDOS research outfit is operated by the veteran Labor pollster and strategist, John Armitage. It trades, apparently, on its ability to shape public opinion, change public behavior, win elections and develop persuasive language for clients. In a section headlined, Public Opinion, the firm’s website says, ‘fortunately, public opinion is a fluid thing that we can squeeze, pump and stir and sometimes just opening a little gate lets it rush into a brand new space’. Really?

In relation to Australians and voters, it argues, ‘the tricky bit is figuring out how to change what they think and how they behave.’ This is Daniel Andrews forte; manipulating minds to have people believe rubbish does not stink, and he is prepared to fork out $2 million of your money to his mates, and no competitive tender.

The Australian alleged that Armitage’s research played a crucial role in shaping the premier’s strategy, tone and language during the 2020 lockdown, including his appearances at over 100 press conferences. Since 2016, Armitage has been paid $2 million in taxpayer funds to conduct a five-year deal to monitor the public opinion of Victorians.

Dan’s ‘contacts’;

Marty Mei

It has recently come to light that Dim Sum Dan has a staffer with direct ties to the CCP, Andrews’ senior advisor, Marty Mei, who is on the board of the Hunan Business Association, helped secure the above pictured contribution in the lead up to the 2014 state election, according to sources with knowledge of the donation. He later became Andrews’ multicultural adviser and worked on the Belt and Road deal. The Hunan Business Association has links to the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department (UFWD).

Author and China expert Clive Hamilton has described the Chinese Community Council of Australia Victoria (CCCAV) as a front organisation for the UFWD, which is the Chinese Communist Party’s primary overseas influence network.  

Mr Mei travelled to Beijing with Andrews for the first and second signing of the Belt and Road deal in 2017 and 2018. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the board of the Australian and Victorian government funded BRI foundation was stacked with advisers with high-profile links to the Chinese Communist Party, including China’s Treasury – the National Development and Reform Commission.

Mr Mei, who came to Australia as an international student in 2006, rose through the ranks of the Victorian Labor Party after leaving Chinese state-run broadcaster CCTV. He joined Andrews’ office following the 2014 election after working for former Labor MP Hong Lim.

Documents show while Mr Mei was the Premier’s multicultural adviser, he was also a special consultant to another UFWD-linked group, the Shenzhen Association.

In 2018, Mr Mei offered state government co-operation to a golf association run by a former director of a Belt and Road-spruiking company, Prospect Time International Investment.

Dan Andrews – Nancy Yang

Dan has another staffer, Nancy Yang, a Victorian electorate officer for Labor MPs since 2013, who has previously worked as a visa officer for the Chinese consulate in Melbourne. She is also on the committee of the Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCA) along with Marty Mei.

In 2006, she founded a United Front-linked group called the Melbourne Chinese Youth United Association [Archive; 2012], serving as its chair until 2016. The association has a ‘propaganda department’ that seeks to ‘organise (members) to serve the motherland in various forms’, and Yang organised dozens of Chinese students to campaign for Labor in 2013, known as the red shirt scandal.

The Australian legacy media outlet had this to say about her;

The revelations come after The Australian revealed on Monday that Ms Yang did the same Chinese Communist Party propaganda training course as the part-time NSW Labor staffer at the centre of Friday’s ASIO raids.

The Australian has also previously revealed that Ms Yang, who works in Mr Andrews’s electorate office, had as recently as March posted articles on social media suggesting the coronavirus was created by the US and taken to China by the US Army.

As a Melbourne Chinese consulate staff member and founder and chair of the Melbourne Chinese Youth United Association — a role she held for a decade until 2016 — Ms Yang also helped to mobilise thousands of Chinese who travelled to Canberra to participate in an at-times violent counter-protest against human rights campaigners at the Olympic Torch relay in 2008.

The Australian, June, 2020

But of course, there’s still more; mystery surrounds a BRI lobbyist who Andrews has worked closely with for several years; the founder of the Victorian-based Australia-China Belt and Road Initiative, Jean Dong.

Jean Dong - Dan Andrews - Malcolm Turnbull
Jean Dong, Dan Andrews, Malcolm Turnbull – Team BRI

Dong, 33, runs a company which was paid $36,850 AUD of taxpayer cash to consult Andrews before he signed the October 2019 deal without approval from the federal government. Essentially he paid her to do what she had been lobbying him to do – sign on to the BRI. Andrews is believed to have first become connected with Ms Dong through his former adviser, Mike Yang.

She was interviewed by the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, Guangming Daily, on March 27, and described President Xi as a “global saviour” in his response to the pandemic, The Australian reported. I am unable to find any information on Ms Dong’s current whereabouts, but an educated guess is she quietly returned to China once the scrutiny began.

Dong, who has a background in connecting China with the rest of the world, boasted about her political influence in a YouTube video titled ‘Journey of influence’. The video includes photographs of her with Mr Turnbull, Mr Carr and the then Tasmanian Liberal premier Will Hodgman. 

MP Hong Lim was a long-term adviser to the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China’s honorary board. The role was not declared on Mr Lim’s register of interests.

Huang Xiangmo – Dan Andrews – MP Hong Lim (right)

Andrews was asked whether Mr Lim’s role as chair of the Chinese Community Council of Australia Victorian (CCCAV) advisory council should be noted on the parliamentary register of interests. Andrews has refused to answer questions about his parliamentary secretary for Asia Engagement and the veteran MP’s links to Chinese lobby groups. “I have been very clear with you, I have nothing further to say about this story.

Mr Lim, the member for Clarinda, said he would “have to look at” why he was listed as an adviser to the group, which a parliamentary inquiry heard was a Communist Party “United Front” body pushing pro-Beijing views in Australia. “I know what this organisation is about so I keep 100 miles from them,” Mr Lim said.

Mr Lim did not declared his role as the chair of the Chinese Community Council of Australia’s Victorian advisory council. The CCCAV — which works to ensure the “needs of Chinese-Australians” are recognised by governments — won taxpayer-funded grants totaling $70,000 last year from Mr Lim’s own department and the Premier’s department. A Herald Sun investigation has uncovered close links between the CCCAV and the Labor Party.

Lim is connected in multiple ways to the CCAV; four of Mr Lim’s electorate officers and one of the Premier’s media advisers are part of the CCCAV’s executive (and Mr Yang was its former president), Mr Lim’s Labor branch in Clarinda used the same PO Box as the CCCAV for donations several members of Mr Lim’s branch are registered with the party using the CCCAV’s address, fueling claims from the Labor whistleblower that the association is used for branch-stacking.

Mike Yang – Dan Andrews

Mike Yang, now one of the ACPPRC’s vice-presidents, got his break in politics working for Mr Hong Lim, before becoming adviser on China to then Opposition leader Daniel Andrews. He has received awards from China as an “eminent overseas young Chinese” leader and has been invited to attend events with President Xi Jinping.

Mr Yang has maintained a close relationship with the government, which appointed him to the multicultural business ministerial council and the visitor economy ministerial advisory committee. Despite concern from some in Labor about Mr Yang’s activities, he says it is an example of the “Communist Party phobia” that has gone “to the extreme” in Australia.

And so on, and so on. The more I research Dan and the people around him, the more contacts, liaisons, staffers, and links to Beijing I keep finding. You get the point, so we’ll move on.

Dan’s Belt & Road Deal;

Commentator Robert Bridge drew attention in his August article; ‘Letters From Melbourne, a ‘Ghost Town Police State’ Under Brutal Covid Lockdown‘, to the fact that cities and countries that have signed on to China’s Belt & Road Initiative seem to be not only hit hardest by the virus, but all enthusiastically followed China’s instruction and embraced heavy lock-downs based on little or no scientific data. Italy would be another prime example. Michael Spenger details China’s campaign to sell lock-down to the world in his excellent article; China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign.

Andrews has a long and close relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), ensuring that it’s China who fills contracts for Victorian infrastructure and manufacturing deals, but yet he has always been very secretive about who he meets with in Beijing, and what is discussed.

Asked why the memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreement between Victoria and Beijing needed to be secret, Andrews said “That’s the way all memorandums of understanding work and we’re not about the change that policy,”.

What is China’s expansionist Belt & Road Initiative? It’s a project pushed by China, that claims a collaboration between China and foreign countries to build a ‘new silk road’ – new trade infrastructure over land, sea, and cable. To date, more than sixty countries have signed on to projects or indicated an interest in doing so.

The BRI has been characterized as Xi’s signature foreign policy agenda to bankroll infrastructure around the world, which often primarily benefits Chinese firms, however since it’s inception the reality of the initiative has been very different from the pitch, resulting in debt diplomacy, as well as a factor that is rarely mentioned; in the digital age it gives China ability to easily put a ‘backdoor’ into the systems supporting the infrastructure, and therefore complete control in the event of hostility.

Andrews signed onto the BRI agreement in Oct. 2018, in Beijing, in a manner that many described as secretive, as normally it’s the type of initiative that would usually be brokered between nations. Asked why the memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreement needed to be secret, Andrews said “that’s the way these things work”. Victoria would become “China’s gateway to Australia”, he said.

John Blaxland, professor of international security and intelligence studies at the Australian National University, said the Victorian government’s decision not to show the draft agreement to DFAT was “quite extraordinary and almost adversarial“.

Andrews courted some of China’s biggest Belt and Road Initiative companies while in Beijing, including one subsequently blacklisted by the US government, to help build Victoria’s huge pipeline of infrastructure projects including his signature Suburban Rail Loop, and another company blacklisted for human rights abuses of Uighur’s, to build Melbourne’s trains.

The Andrews state government and DFAT seem to be at odds over the timeline of exactly when the Australian federal government was informed of Comrade Dan An’s actions, and whether his claims of secrecy being standard are in fact true;

Daniel Andrews seems determined to ignore federal leadership in this area, which is mandated by the constitution. In not seeking federal advice he is choosing to be fully ignorant of Australian national security concerns,” Mr Jennings said.
Ultimately BRI is a political strategy designed to further the aims and interests of the Chinese Communist Party.
One CCP aim is to increase the dependency of developing states on China. This objective runs counter to Australian interests and counter to the interests of developing countries. Australian companies should avoid being drawn into a CCP strategy.

Peter Jennings, executive director at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Author and China expert Clive Hamilton, who is a professor at Charles Sturt University, and an expert on CCP influence, warns the Victorian Premier has followed European political leaders in “unconsciously reproducing the language and the concepts that have been implanted in them”. He said political leaders in Victoria, Italy and Eastern Europe had begun using similar language soon after signing up to the BRI;

“We see them talking about BRI as advancing openness, co-operation and inclusiveness and people-to-people exchanges and win-wins,” Hamilton told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.
These are all Chinese Communist Party propaganda terms and so it’s a sure sign that people have been influenced when they start to reproduce the language of the CCP.
Willful ignorance, and the influence of United Front agents at top levels of state government, help explain why the state of Victoria in Australia signed on to the Belt and Road Initiative, despite the federal government having expressly declined to do so, and the fact that the issue had been widely discussed in the media,” Hamilton and Ohlberg write in the book.

Clive Hamilton, author; Hidden Hand: Exposing how the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World

Melbourne legacy print media The Age reports; ‘Belt and Road advisory board was stacked with people linked to CCP’;

The board members listed on a now-removed website include corporate governance expert Li Wei An, who receives a special government allowance from the Chinese State Council, Liu Jian Xing, a director at China’s National Development and Reform Commission, and Shuaihua Wallace Cheng, an economist at the Shanghai Municipal Government Development Research Centre.

The Age, May, 2020

Despite the bi-partisan backlash over the BRI deal, Andrews indicated on July 7th that he is preparing to enter another agreement between Victoria and China on its $1.5 trillion global infrastructure program, saying he wanted his government’s ties with China to grow “even stronger” and would make as “many agreements as possible” to boost the state’s international trade.

The comments come as the opposition says Andrews has now missed two deadlines to provide State Parliament with more details of who he met and what he talked about on trips to China.

“Why will Andrews not account for whom he met on his many trips to China?”

“Why will Andrews not come clean on the positions held by those he met with and the names of the organisations they represented?

“Why does Andrews continue to thumb his nose at the standing orders of the Victorian Parliament that require questions on notice to be answered within 30 days?”

President of the Legislative Council, Labor’s Shaun Leane

Dan’s Weekend at Blairgowrie;

It’s worth noting that there’s unanswered questions around a car accident in 2013 in Ridley Street, Blairgowrie, in which Andrews’ wife, Catherine, driving a tax-payer funded vehicle, collided with Ryan Muelman, 15, who was riding a bicycle at the time. Muelman suffered very serious injuries after going through the car’s windshield.

Police had somehow failed to give her a mandatory breath test for alcohol at the scene. Victoria Police then refused to release the official incident report as per requested by media outlets under Freedom of Information (FoI) laws on the basis that “it was not in the public interest“.

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC), launched a probe into the accident in 2017. The findings were that both IBAC and Victoria police were both consistent in their findings. Yup.

Still stand with Dan?

Battleground Melbourne – A Topher Field Documentary;

This recent documentary does a great job, but fails to explore Dan’s links to Beijing, and other globalist organizations. The evidence is not hard to find, and difficult to ignore.

Update; Two Charges and Summons for Dan Andrews to appear in court, 17th Dec.