A Message To The Awake

To all my friends out there who know what’s really going on, to all my independent researching friends; yes – sometimes it’s a curse and not always a blessing to be awake.

Awakening is the most liberating, alienating, excruciating, empowering, lonely, confusing, freeing, frightening, expansive journey.

If you find yourself struggling as you try to process all this insanity, you are not alone.

No one talks about the darkness that accompanies awakening, or the grief. Not only grieving the life and illusions you once had, but the realization that almost everything you thought you once knew, is a lie. The beliefs you’ve held, people you’ve trusted, principles you were taught – all lies.

Shattering illusions is rarely an enjoyable experience. There is a considerable amount of discomfort that comes with growth and the grieving process doesn’t stop there. With these newfound realizations, you then find yourself grieving all over again. Grieving for our children, knowing all too well the broken world they are inheriting. Grieving the loss of many relationships with people who just don’t “get it.”

Feeling alone, being ridiculed and shamed, not only by the masses, but for many of you, your very own family and friends too. Feeling like you no longer have much in common with the people you are surrounded by. Struggling with carrying on bullshit, shallow conversations that lack substance with those who are still fast asleep.

Even feeling disconnected from your entire support system because they can’t see what you see. Some even grieve the loss of their ignorance- because “ignorance is bliss” and reality is harsh. Awakening can be a lonely road and you will often find yourself journeying alone. There is no way to sugar coat it – awakening to the realities of this world is brutal. It will have you running through the entire gamut of human emotions. You have to master the art of diving down the darkest of rabbit holes only to come out and still function in daily life, and that’s a skill people don’t talk about enough.

Some of you are struggling with feeling disconnected from family and friends, it’s as though they exist in another world.

Please know you are not alone, and not only are you not alone, you have an entire tribe standing with you. We may be separated by miles, but we are deeply connected; in purpose and in spirit.


  1. Thank you ❤️, I love your content. Keep up the great work. We all need to stick together.

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  2. Thanks! I really needed this after a weird talk tonight with one of my closest relatives, who still believes that it’s solely my “opinion” that the vaccines & boosters are still experimental??!!…

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  3. Thanks. Been quietly losing my mind. And wishing I could go crazy in the same way as everyone else. Lol
    I never have trusted the media, Hollywood airheads, or politicians. But it’s troubling how doctors I know personally are going along with this insanity.
    Ordinary doctors, police, nurses, teachers, social workers…without their compliance this would not be possible. Do they not know? Or do they just not care?


  4. Thank you so much for this post. All the emotions you mentioned, I experience. I feel lonely and lost, doubt my sanity. No one in my church shares my awakening. As Christians we believe in many “weird” and irrational things, like Jesus Christ being born from a virgin, Jesus walking on water, Jesus rising from the dead, etc. But when I try to enlighten my fellow Christians about the Satanic agenda behind the so-called Covid-19 epidemic, the lies and twisted truths, the persecution and suffering, they stare at me with glassy eyes. Some even think Satan is working in me to divide our church, or call me a rebel and mad because I refuse to wear a mask.

    It is hard to live with open eyes. One cannot stomach the superficial pleasantries and pastimes of one’s “friends”. One tries to be tolerant, nonjudgmental, friendly, to push all the outraged feelings down … but everything in one screams against the injustice. No deep connections with those who once shared your life. No human being walking right next to you with whom you can share this burden. I guess this is called growth, being pushed and pulled by many forces and becoming strong enough to walk with both feet in the Realness seen by few.


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