As many of you may know, all of humanity is under a massive psychological warfare attack. Professor of clinical psychology, Mattias Desmet, who has studied the psychology of totalitarianism, has done an excellent job in explaining how we got here, and how we win.

In dictatorships, obedience comes from a basic fear of the dictator, but with totalitarianism the people are hypnotized into obedience. In psychological terms this mass-hypnosis is called ‘mass formation‘, and totalitarianism always starts with mass-formation inside the population.

A mass-formation requires four conditions for it take root;

  1. The masses must feel alone, and isolated.
  2. Their lives must feel pointless and meaningless. These conditions have been growing for years with social media, mobile devices, and four years of massive division experienced during the Trump administration that made people on all sides feel more isolated.
  3. The masses must then feel constant free-floating anxiety.
  4. The masses must experience free-floating frustration and aggression.

Free-floating simply means there is no discernable source for the anxiety or aggression. And so the person begins to irrationally crave a remedy, no matter how absurd or destructive it may be. In his case it’s the clot-shot.

These conditions were met in 2020 with the C19 lockdowns and the BLM riots; the population was then ripe for hypnosis, and once they accepted the experimental shots they felt solidarity again, which then validates the whole thing for them, no matter how senseless. They are now changed, no longer rational, they’ve become more intolerant and cruel.

So how do we win?

Studies have shown that about 25% of the population can not be hypnotized, and about 10% are highly susceptible to hypnosis. Professor Desmet simplifies this even more; he says that now 30% of people are deeply hypnotized, and have irrationally accepted the experimental shots as their solution. However, 40% are not yet hypnotized, but will ultimately go along with the herd.
The remaining 30% are seeing things clearly.

The latter 30% are the voice of dissent, and while we may not have much influence over the hypnotized 30%, we must definitely have sway over the 40% who go along with the herd. To do this we need to ‘join’ the herd, and not be seen as the outside group.

Whether you think this all happened by accident or conspiracy, whether you’re reasoning is based on religion or personal health, our voice of dissent must become one, it must grow, and it must never end. We must plant the seeds of plandemic doubt to everyone; at the gas station, at the grocery store, at work, at home, with the neighbours. This is introduced by appealing to their curiosity (if any), and not by beating them over the head with the facts and logic.

What the enemy is tying to do is extremely dangerous, because if the masses ever awaken from their spell, they will demand justice, and so stress must constantly be maintained upon the masses, until the mass-formation is complete.

The orchestrators of the plandemic are desperately trying to provoke a civil war or a violent revolution, because they can control that, and use it to further the tyranny. Violence will not break people out of the hypnosis, it will only push more people into it.

Telling the truth has become a revolutionary act, and telling the truth to everyone you meet will save humanity, so keep doing it. This is how we win.

In the above video interview, Prof. Mattias Desmet explores the causes of mass delusion and cognitive dissonance which have eroded common sense on a mass scale. It is the result of a type of hypnosis. This phenomenon of mass formation has implications for politics as well. The cause of cognitive dissonance is wanting to avoid the state of floating anxiety that preceded the state of mass delusion.