As Russia’s military operation against Ukraine continues, all manner of ugly and inconvenient truths keep rearing their heads. As they are inconvenient specifically to the Americans, we are seeing a Tsunami of an attempt to foment another mass-formation event.

This time it’s anti-Russian sentiment in order to whip up support for a war against Russia, even going so far as to plant fake crying reporters from the WEF begging UK PM Johnson to establish a war-provoking no-fly zone, explicitly calling for persecution, and even sanctioning violence against Russian people around the world, and briefing hi-profile TikTok ‘stars’ so that they may disseminate WH propaganda.

The first of these inconvenient truths is the existence of about a dozen secret US-operated biolabs in the Ukraine that appear to be one of the main points of interest in Russia’s incursion. If the first question that springs to your mind is why would the US need a dozen or so secretive biolabs in a far-off land such as Ukraine, well then you’re clearly a conspiracy theorist, as they don’t actually exist according to the US.

The US has of course denied the allegations – issuing a statement that “The United States does not have chemical or biological weapons labs in Ukraine,” adding that America “…does not develop or possess chemical and biological weapons anywhere.“;

This must have been oversight on the US’s part, because it then turned out they did exist, as shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine the now deleted twitter account @WarClandestine released a video with maps of US biolab locations matching up with recent Russian attacks, suggesting that Russia was securing these top secret western biolabs.

The story then changed to; “Ukraine has biological research facilities, which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of,” said Victoria Nuland, the US Secretary of State, in a bizarre confession, which clearly panicked Sen Rubio, immediately directing her to say that if there’s a biological attack, then she’s 100% sure it must be Russia.

Nuland’s answer made clear that whatever is inside Ukraine’s biolabs is of serious concern.

FOX News’ Jennifer Griffin took the Orwellian double-think a step further, claiming they are Soviet-era bio-labs left over from the USSR, and the US is simply in the process of decommissioning them. For 30 years?

While western media claimed in unison that the existence of the US-funded labs was false, but failed to actually debunk the fact, and once the video went viral, the the US embassy in Kiev was caught deleting documents on their Ukraine biolabs from their website, but not before an independent journalist was able to copy documents showing 11 Ukrainian biolabs funded by the Pentagon;

[Hi-res PDF version]

First I checked if the US even has biolabs in Ukraine…they do. And in classic US fashion, it’s marketed as “defense”, a “Biological Threat Reduction Program” in Ukraine. Studying the “most dangerous viruses in the world” at Russia’s border in order to keep the world safe. Not that big of a deal right? Not according to Russia – they’ve been accusing the US of creating “bio-weapons” at their border for some time now.

In addition, both Russia and China asked the UN for the US/allies to be “checked and limited” in bio capabilities 4 months ago. China and Russia indirectly (and correctly) blames the US for the C19 outbreak, and are fearful that the US/allies have more viruses (bioweapons) to let out.

The mad scramble to cover tracks didn’t end at deleting documents however. During a Sunday 06/March press conference, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov claimed employees at Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine urgently destroyed hazardous pathogens being experimented on at the facilities.

In the course of the special military operation, evidence of the Kiev regime’s hasty measures to conceal any traces of the military biological program finance by the US Department of Defense in Ukraine has been revealed,” he said.

The Russian military official said employees at the labs handed over a copy of a February 24th document from Ukrainian Minister of Health Viktor Liashko instructing them to get rid of the research material.

To prevent the disclosure of facts of violations by the United States and Ukraine of Article 1 of the Biological Weapons Convention, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health sent instructions to all biological laboratories to urgently eliminate stored stocks of dangerous pathogens,” he explained.

Why destroy everything if it is about studying harmless bacteria, or diseases like diphtheria for which there is a vaccine? Why be so afraid of Russia getting its hands on these laboratories, if not because there are things to hide about what they were really doing?

It turns out for years now that Russia has made verifiable claims that the US is running secret biological weapons labs around their borders. And while western media now claims this to be ‘Russian disinformation‘, back in 2013 they reported on it themselves.

The initial biolab in Kazakhstan, built by the US for 100 million dollars, to store high-risk diseases, such as plague, and anthrax, was hoping to attract scientists who might otherwise create biological weapons of mass-destruction for a hostile rival. The intention here was just to “keep the world safe” you understand. The US has since built several labs in Kazakhstan, most recently, a bio safety level 4 lab (BSL4), to be completed early 2022.

While the United states and their partners over at ‘Murder Inc’ have been waging illegal wars all across the world in the name of democracy, Russia has been quietly selling energy and minding their own business, but according to National Geographic, this was the reason the Pentagon was building these bioweapons labs in the first place – because Russia was entirely quiet on the subject, therefore must be up to something, and the U.S. needed to get ahead of them.

As early as 2004 the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) began creating a network of biolabs for infectious diseases in Uzbekistan, and predictably, within a few years after operations began, outbreaks of unknown diseases were reported in the same areas as the labs in countries across the region.

Originally posted on June 18th, 2010, but since scrubbed from the internet, an article titled “Biolab Opens in Ukraine” details how Obama, while serving as an Illinois Senator, helped negotiate a deal to build a level-3 bio-safety lab in the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian CBRN (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical) protection troops, stressed in his press briefing 07/March, the concordance between the launch of these American biological laboratories in Ukraine since 2014, and the uncontrollable increase in the incidence of infections such as measles (multiplied by more than 100), rubella, diphtheria, and tuberculosis. He also stated that the WHO considers Ukraine to be a country at high risk of a polio outbreak.

Kirillov also claimed that as of 07/March everything the Pentagon needs to continue with its military biological program has already been transferred out of Ukraine.

The Russian embassy to Bosnia has also accused the US of filling Ukraine with biolabs, which were very possibly used for studying methods for destroying the Russian people at the genetic level. Here are pics of now scrubbed US Gov. docs requesting quotes on the collection of synovial tissue, specifying it must be of Russian and Caucasian origin; FA3016-17-U-0164. In fact, Putin remarked on it in a 2017 speech;

Do you know that biological material is being collected all over the country, from different ethnic groups and people living in different geographical regions of the Russian Federation? The question is – why is it being done? It’s being done purposefully and professionally. We are a kind of object of great interest.

V. Putin

(Diplomatic) Pathogen Immunity

Bio warfare scientists have been using diplomatic cover to transport and test man-made viruses at Pentagon bio labs in 25 countries across the world as the contents of diplomatic pouches are exempt from scrutiny, customs or taxes. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program.

In Georgia, a leaked document [all leaked docs – ZIP file] shows that the US embassy has been transporting deadly pathogens and human blood as diplomatic cargo as part of their secret military projects. Whether correct protocols for transporting deadly pathogens are followed is anybody’s guess.

Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva made an excellent short investigative documentary in 2018, investigating the labs, the strange noxious gases released in the middle of the night, local resident’s accounts, and confronts Pentagon scientists at the facility that have been been given diplomatic immunity to research and transport deadly diseases, including biting insects, at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. For the complete story on the US’s testing of bioweapons on the people of Eastern Europe by Dilyana, see her extensive research article ‘The Pentagon Bio-weapons.

Diplomatic immunity has/was been granted to private US contractors, working for three different US biolabs; CH2M HILL, Battelle, and MetaBiota.


Who is Metabiota? Put simply; Metabiota, originally named Global Viral Forecasting (GVF), produces bio-agents under diplomatic cover at “secret” labs, then sell pandemic insurance and trackers to help countries get ahead of the very pathogens they are putting out.

The company is part of Pentagon’s DRTA Program as well as funded by Rosemont Seneca. Yep, that Rosemont Seneca.

In 2017, Metabiota announced some new partnerships and set itself up to become the innovator of pandemic insurance. Not many countries would then understand that they needed it, or did they? “AI modelling driven by companies such as BlueDot and Metabiota anticipated the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China before it caught the world by surprise in late 2019 by both scouting its impact and its spread.” Of course they did.

Now, everyone wants to partner with Metabiota and their “expertise.” Unbelievable.

The company continued to raise large sums of money for Pandemic products such as Pandemic Tracker and Insurance. As pf May 2019 Metabiota had successfully raised $41 million in venture capital over three funding rounds led by Pilot Growth Equity.

MetaBiota’s lead financial backer is Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP) – an investment firm led by none other than Hunter Biden, which he founded alongside John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz in 2009, as well as Devon Archer, the chairman of the firm. Archer was recently sentenced to a year in prison for his role in a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe of some $60 million in bonds. 

Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca companies have been at the center of global corruption schemes from their beginning. [For a deep-dive into Hunter B’s activities in China, click here.]

 And so RSTP were quite literally investing in a biolab company which houses and tracks deadly pathogens, then creates tracking and global virus outlooks and the marketing a pandemic insurance to go along with it. Here’s to Metabiota and their ingenious, evil scheme.

In June of 2021, long before the conflict, Natalie Winters of The National Pulse detailed the Biden firm’s funding of the San Francisco-based Metabiota.

In 2014 Metabiota, which specializes in detecting, tracking, and analyzing potential disease outbreaks, signed an $18.4 million federal contract as a subcontractor for Black & Veatch (B&V), in Georgia and Ukraine. B&V are a company with ties to the Department of Defense, and the pair even share an office in Kiev, according to a job advertisement posted by B&V.

Metabiota publicized its relationship with Black & Veatch in 2018:

Today, Metabiota, the pioneer in epidemic risk modeling, announced it has been awarded a subcontract from Black & Veatch (B&V) to support the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) in Iraq under the Biological Threat Reduction Integrating Contract (BTRIC). Metabiota has also partnered with B&V on DTRA’s recently awarded Cooperative Threat Reduction Integrating Contract (CTRIC) III with an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract ceiling of $970M.


Black & Veach are mentioned as a contractor on all of the U.S. classified DoD Biolab documents recently provide by Russia [PDF].

But it get’s better – Metabiota Inc. has been awarded $18.4 million federal contracts under the Pentagon’s DTRA program in Georgia and Ukraine for scientific and technical consulting services. Metabiota services include global field-based biological threat research, pathogen discovery, outbreak response and clinical trials. Metabiota Inc. had been contracted by the Pentagon to perform work for DTRA before and during the Ebola crisis in West Africa and was awarded $3.1 million (2012-2015) for work in Sierra Leone – one of the countries at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak.

So how did they do in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak? CBS says.. not well. Other sources report MetaBiota only served to exacerbate the outbreak. It seems where ever Metabiota goes, disease and misery follows.

We now know these so-called mRNA vaccines are destroying people at a genetic level, and we know C19 is a man-made bio-weapon, and we know it was funded by elements of the NIH and the now-infamous Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance (EHA).

EHA is the group Dr. Anthony Fauci used to funnel money to the Wuhan lab after the Obama administration put a halt to dangerous gain-of-function research in 2014. For those wondering why the lab leak theory and Hunter Biden’s ties to the Wuhan lab were covered up by the media, it could be the fact that Google has been funding EcoHealth Alliance for over a decade.

Metabiota’s founder, “virus hunter” Nathan Wolfe, also sits on the board of Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance and is a member of DARPA’s Defense Science Research Council. Metabiota has partnered with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and is a partner to the infamous World Economic Forum (WEF).

In 2012 Wolfe wrote a book titled, “The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age,” in which he thanked friends including Jeffrey Epstein, and biotech venture capitalist Boris Nikolic. Nikolic was named as the “successor executor” on Epstein’s will upon his death, and is a former advisor to Bill Gates. It certainly is a very small world.

Wolfe is also one of World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders, a group of elite individuals placed into positions of power in order to enact the Great Reset agenda, and a founding member of Ghislaine Maxwell’s bizarre, and now defunct Terramar project.

In a January 2009 interview, Wolfe was quoted as saying; “If you want to think about my work, one way to think of me is as a curator of microbial collections. I have these massive repositories. I have sites all around the world that are aimed at collecting interesting microorganisms, and then I enter into collaborations with different groups.” – that didn’t age well.

And here’s Nathan Wolfe again, as one of the authors of the paper on something called The Global Virome Project, named also as an author is Peter Daszak and George Gao (head of Chinese CDC).

Despite receiving millions of dollars, Wolfe and his sham companies have yet to prevent ANYTHING.

The targeting of unearthed biolab facilities and other military installations that Putin continues to call a “special military operation” follows intense scrutiny over the U.S. government’s decision to fund risky, “gain-of-function” research in Wuhan at a Chinese Communist Party-run lab with military ties.

Article 8 of The Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court (ICC) defines biological experiments as war crimes. The US, however, is not a state party to the international treaty, and therefore cannot be held accountable for its war crimes.

And so what isn’t threatening about The US encircling Russia with top-secret biolabs?

Remember, Russians aren’t seizing your bank accounts, censoring the news, forcing you to take questionable injections, getting you fired, attacking you in the street, and making you second-class citizens. The people who want war with Russia are doing all that.