One of the most fascinating things about living today is that it’s laying bare how people think. It’s becoming clear that there are roughly two groups. These two groups have always existed, but the current state of the world is making it more and more obvious just how different these two groups are.

The first group generally consists of people who do what they’re told, and they want to do what they’re told. They live in a world where the State is the highest form of authority and should be trusted. They believe that elections are a fair reflection of the will of the people, they believe politicians are generally there to help us, and that we should follow them because we need leaders to run society efficiently. They put scientists, academics, and doctors on a pedestal because they are objective, and should be trusted without question.

This first group has been told their whole lives that if they just follow the rules everything will be fine. In short, these people want to be led.

The second group, by contrast, don’t necessarily believe what they’re being told. The understand that human beings are complex, and don’t always tell the truth, and that some people have ulterior motives. To the second group, trust must be earned. They can be very sceptical – they’ll listen to the sales pitch, then go and do their own research. They like to verify things for themselves. Above all, they value personal freedom, the freedom to speak, the freedom to run their own lives they way they see fit, and the freedom to go about their lives unhindered.

They believe people should live and let live, that we should all be free to conduct our lives in peace.

The first group genuinely believes that the second group is a bunch of conspiracy nuts. They’ve been told that the second group is obtuse, uneducated, self-centered, and paranoid. The second group on the other hand, thinks that the first group are a bunch of willfully ignorant sheep who blindly choose to bury their head in the sand, accept everything they’re told, and exhibit a frustrating inability to face reality.

The fascinating thing is these two groups may as well be living on different planets, their thinking is so alien to the other. Their perception of reality is so different that when they look at the same issue their interpretations and conclusions are dramatically divergent. When it comes to the issue of the jab the normal group and the awake group couldn’t be further apart.

While the normals believe that current rules are they way they are because governments and corporations are just trying to make the world a safer place, we the awake understand the following five points;

  1. Awake people know that the political establishment has become completely corrupt. It’s impossible to reach a high level of political office without being compromised in some way, such as bought off, blackmailed, indebted, threatened, or initiated. Therefore there can never be a political solution to any of our problems. Politicians will always serve their masters, never the people.
  2. Awake people know vaccine passports have been planed for many years, and although health is the excuse to implement them, they have nothing to do with health. Their purpose to get people to accept being tied to a digital identity, where citizens can be rewarded, punished, manipulated, traced, and tracked, all ultimately leading to a dominant surveillance state.
  3. Awake people know selling vaccines is incredibly profitable. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a private company owned primarily by big pharmaceutical companies. It makes immense profits in the many billions of dollars by selling vaccines. The awake also know that the World Health Organization (WHO) is funded mainly by big pharma to help them create markets around the world. If that wasn’t bad enough, big pharma is the only industry in the world powerful enough to make governments pass legislation to exempt vaccine makers for any liability for any damages they may cause.
  4. Awake people know they should be very very wary about what is being pushed on them. These big pharmaceutical companies have a terrible track record. They have wreaked havoc all over the world for many years, have been under criminal investigation countless times, and quietly settled for billions of dollars. Many many times.
  5. Awake people know there could be long term consequences for taking mRNA shots. I’m not going to speculate on what those consequences might be, it’s still too early to say conclusively. Having said that however, it does appear that certain disconcerting patterns are beginning to emerge, and the mainstream media is clearly trying to cover this up. All I’m going to say right now is that when power-hungry people are extremely motivated for us to do something, is it rational to be on our guard?

Unfortunately some decisions cant be undone. The two groups, the normals and the awake, view the world in an entirely different way. A few years ago this would have been perfectly fine. In the past we could cut the normal asleep people some slack, after all, they should be allowed to live their lives anyway they want. They problem now however, is that if they refuse even to understand that they’re in danger, they will continue in their state of slumber and apathy and let very bad people have their way with all of us.

Awake people understand that if more people would wake up and acknowledge what is really happening, the powers that be would have no chance of manipulating us. This is where it’s so frustrating – by choosing to be blind and bury their heads in the sand, the normals are doing their part in taking us down a road that is already leading to a very dark place. Although it’s hard to wake the normals up, we have to keep trying.

To my brothers and sisters out there, there’s one thing that all psychologists know – how do you deal with psychopaths? The answer is – you don’t. You can’t reason with them, you can’t bargain with them, and you cant appease them. If you try to deal with them in any way they will keep using you until you are ruined. This is their nature. They only thing that can work is to stand up to them and continue speaking the truth.

The next number of months is going to be very difficult. Right now the powers that shouldn’t be are controlling the narrative, but that window is shrinking, that’s why they are so desperate to get us all jabbed in such a hurry.

When their lives become more disrupted some normal people will start to wake up and the narrative will shift. You’re going to be very glad you stuck to your principles and didn’t give in to their propaganda and pressure tactics. Stay awake everyone and stay strong, and know that you’re on right side of history.