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It is a harsh indictment upon society, friends, and family, it pulls no punches, but after two years of waiting for a spark of awakening among the masses, but seeing none as we enter round 3 of the plandemic – at what point do we stop waiting, stop accepting the ignorance, as one does with children, and start setting the record straight?

Do you believe that crisis reveals character? 

If so, how would you judge the character of your family, friends, and co-workers over the last two years?

Did they recognize the virus hoax for what it was – a hoax?

Or did they sit like drooling retards in front of the boob tube – as my family and friends did – and believe every lie they were told?

Did they spit in the eye of the airlines and all of the other hoax and jab-pushing corporations by refusing to fly, by refusing to buy their products and services, by refusing to watch their Hollywood filth?

Or did they make zero sacrifices in a time of war – as my family and friends did – and continue to patronize and financially support the very people and corporations that want to see them dead, buried, and replaced?

Did they recognize the stolen 2020 election as a sham and high treason? Or did they dutifully go along with what they were told – as my family and friends did – and accept the bogus results?

Did they refuse the jab? Or did they cave under pressure – as my family and friends did – and voluntarily allow themselves to be injected with an untested and unsafe “vaccine”?

All of my life I’ve been witness to idiotic behavior, from people my own age when I was younger, to fellow adults as I grew older. Never, in all that time, have I seen such utterly stupid, cowardly, and treasonous behavior as I have these last two years. My faith and respect for the human race has literally plummeted to zero. It would be below zero, if that were possible.

For over two years, almost everyone on earth has, without any evidence, believed in the existence of a virtually non-existent virus. They refused to face facts, refused to apply any type of common sense or logic. As a result, they have submitted to the worst type of treasonous behavior imaginable.

One of my friends who bragged for years about how patriotic he was, always voting Republican and always ready to fight for his country, was one of the first to cave. He bought one of those stupid plastic face shields and proceeded to wear it everywhere. He looked like a Martian.

“You don’t need it,” I told him. “It’s all fake.”

“Oh, no, it’s real,” he insisted. And then parroting his favorite “conservative” spokesman, he added, “It’s a Chinese virus. The Democrats are behind it.”

He refused to stop flying, refused to cancel his Hollywood streaming services, refused to make even the slightest sacrifice in order to combat the lie that was staring him right in the face. By providing financial support to the very airlines and corporations that were pushing the virus hoax – and still are – he fit the very definition of collaborating with the enemy.


There were plenty of more people just like him – people who have spent their entire life bragging about their guns, their American values, and how no one would ever take their freedom away. Such big bad-asses, they turned out to be the first ones to cower and give in, to surrender without a single shot being fired. Aside from some brave truckers here and in Canada, people surrendered en masse like sniveling cowards.

Did your family, friends, and co-workers call the police every time they heard their neighbor sneeze? Many people did just that.

Did they criticize or call the police on others for not wearing masks? Many people did that too.

Did they ostracize you and others for not complying with the hoax? Many people literally cut ties with their own families, refusing to let grandparents see their grandchildren, for example, over a non-existent threat.

Were any of your family, friends, or co-workers members of the establishment – law enforcement officers, nurses, or medical professionals – that played a vital role in pushing the hoax and/or punishing those who refused to go along? Roughly 40% of the population actually pushed for more lockdowns and more persecution, including forced vaccination for the entire population.

Almost everyone I know, and certainly almost every one of my friends and family members, fits one of the above categories. Thus, I’ve come to the conclusion that Americans are simply too stupid and too cowardly to deserve freedom. The hoax pushers apparently agree. Heck, they’ve been aware of it for a long time.

It’s hard to put into words just how demoralizing this is. To have seen with your own eyes the true character of people that you’ve known all your life; people whose intelligence and bravery you always took for granted, completely capitulate to the enemy. And now, with the hoax being put aside to make room for the Russia/Ukraine conflict, all the carnage of the last two years will soon be forgotten.

Dude, Let’s Party!

The capacity of the average American to forego thoughts of human tragedy, to ignore issues of consequence – issues which affect the lives of millions of others – in favor of their own petty self-interests is simply astounding. It happened at 9/11. Do you remember that? Many people said at the time, and I was one of them, “Nothing is the same after this.”

We were wrong. 

Within a matter of weeks, everything was the same. The dead were forgotten and the entire American population was back to shopping, back to movies and music, back to celebrity gossip. 

Today nobody cares about 9/11. Mention 9/11 in present day conversation and nobody wants to talk about it. Provide someone with facts, evidence, and solid proof of what actually happened that day and who was behind it, and most people will literally run away from you. Others will shrug and say, “Dude, that was twenty years ago. Let it go.” As if the events of that day have absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on now and what has been going on for the last twenty years.

The virus hoax is no different. Try talking logic to people. Try stirring their interest in the millions who were injured, crippled, and killed by the hoax pushers and no one will respond to you. They have no interest in the topic. They want to visit Disneyland and Las Vegas. They want to watch porn, Hollywood movies, and Netflix. They want life to go back to “normal,” never realizing that their version of normal is a life headed straight for hell.

Talk about a wake up call. These last two years have been the most sobering of my life. I now know why God destroyed the world through a flood; why he rained fire and brimstone on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The mass of people have shown by their behavior that they are undeserving of Heaven. 

Along with the disgust I feel has come a revelation that I have absolutely nothing in common with 99.99% of the entire human race. It’s like I’m living on a different planet; inhabiting a different world, a different reality.

Do you believe that crisis reveals character?

How would you judge the character of your family, friends, and co-workers over the last two years?

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