The biggest part of being awake is understanding that the way the world works is far different from what we’ve been taught our whole lives. Here’s one example; despite what most asleep people think, governments are not the real seat of power.

For hundreds of years, maybe longer, governments around the world have only pretended to be in charge. In reality, governments have taken their marching orders from an organized group of ultra-wealthy people who run shadow governments behind the scenes.

Who are these people? In short they’re bankers, they’re the ones who run the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, and almost every other private central bank in the world.

Central banks are private banks that are responsible not to governments but rather to their shareholders, even though they pose as Government institutions. These central bankers are the driving force behind the World Economic Forum and its agenda.

Without going into too much detail, private central banks have almost unlimited power, they can conjure money out of thin air and lend it at high interest to governments around the world. You and I end up paying the interest through forced taxation. What an ingenious and malevolent scam this is.

Central banks can also expand and contract the currency and credit supplies, they have wielded these God-like powers for hundreds of years, and here’s the most important part to understand – evil things like the Great Reset, the C19 scamdemic, the climate change fraud, illegal wars around the world, the corrupt media, bought-off politicians and so on, can only be implemented because central banks can create unlimited funding to pay for these things.

Over the last two and a half years have you ever wondered why the criminal globalist cabal seems all of a sudden to be in such a hurry to change the world? After all they’ve been in charge behind the scenes for hundreds of years, controlling governments, starting and funding wars, and fleecing the public.

Unfortunately, they’ve been very successful for generations, and one of the reasons for their success is they always stayed out of public view. Why don’t they just keep doing this? Why come out of the Shadows now? Why push for a radical great reset? Why risk waking people up? None of this seems to add up. These are very good questions, which we will answer here shortly.

For the last several decades we’ve been living in a giant Ponzi scheme. Everything we know has been built on a mountain of debt. Governments have been borrowing and spending at a ferocious rate. There has been almost unlimited borrowing, and then borrowing more to pay the interest, and then borrowing more to pay interest on the interest, and so on. And while this has been going on for many years, over the last 10 it has gone exponential.

During our lifetimes we have known only one version of society – one with a massive welfare state, a burgeoning government that doesn’t produce anything except rules and penalties, almost limitless military spending and thus many illegal wars around the world, a political class that is almost completely bought off, and a public trough where irresponsible behavior is rewarded.

All this could only happen with money that is conjured out of thin-air. If we had to pay for these things directly out of our own pockets no one would go along with any of this. The greatest factor in distorting a society and culture is to give it the illusion of unlimited funding. This brings out the worst in human nature.

But all Ponzi schemes eventually come to an end. When people and governments who borrow no longer have enough money to pay interest on their interest on their interest, the whole ugly scheme comes crashing down. Debts that can’t be serviced go into default, banks no longer lend, credit freezes, and the velocity of money, which is the life blood of the economy, dries up.

For the last several decades the banker puppet-masters have allowed governments to create a fantasy debt bubble over the short and medium terms. Dazzling things can be achieved through limitless borrowing, huge infrastructure could spring into existence, gigantic public works projects could proliferate, immense useless institutions and organizations could multiply and grow, the only problem is none of this could last. When a debt bubble pops, society as we know it collapses.

We’ve been close to the mathematical end of this debt bubble for a long time now. In 2008 this precarious house of cards almost crashed. The powers-that-be responded by printing and borrowing trillions more dollars, loosening up credit, and pushing interest rates down to zero. This delayed the Ponzi scheme from collapsing over the last 15 years, but really only made the underlying problems much worse. Now here we are again with a debt bomb that is on the verge of exploding, and every financial analyst worth listening to knows this.

The canary in the coal mine is what’s happening now in the developing world. Most developing countries are simply unable to pay their debts. A few months ago Sri Lanka defaulted on its debts, banks closed, the local currency collapsed, people lost everything, and chaos ensued. Shortly after that Lebanon could no longer pay its debts and also defaulted.

Here is a list of countries that are in worse shape financially than Sri Lanka and Lebanon. These countries will probably default very soon as they can no longer pay their debts;

When these countries collapse the cascading default effect throughout the world could be apocalyptic, and it’s not just the developing world that is on the verge of collapse. Western governments who have caused massive inflation through unrestrained money printing and borrowing have been forced to raise interest rates, but these rising interest rates make it almost impossible to pay the interest on national debts.

So how does the Great Reset fit into all this? Here’s the bottom line – the real reason the criminal globalist cabal is in such a hurry to implement their Great Reset is they know that the debt bomb which they created over several decades is about to explode.

If this happens debts around the world will go into default, credit will freeze, banks will collapse, nation states will break up, currencies will be rendered worthless, and most average people will lose everything. Unfortunately a high percentage of the world’s population will suffer dramatically for years and many will probably die.

The biggest threat to humanity is not a fake pandemic or phony man-made global warming, it’s the debt bomb exploding.

However, the criminal globalist cabal doesn’t care about any of this, what they care about, above all else, is retaining their power. In fact, they would love to see as many people suffer and die as possible, but if the entire financial and monetary systems implode before they are ready, central banks which are the source of all the cabal’s evil power, will also implode, and so therefore the cabal is in a huge hurry to do three things;

  1. to camouflage all the damage they have done for many decades. They’re hiding their financial crimes by trying to start a war, disrupting supply chains, pushing the climate change hoax, creating an energy crisis, creating fake pandemics, harming people by lethal injection – anything to scare and distract the public and deflect accountability away from themselves.
  2. to bring down the world’s economy in a manageable controlled demolition that they can control and maintain power.
  3. to put a new Central Bank Digital Currency into place as soon as possible so they can continue to exercise their god-like powers over us for generations to come.

If you look at the history of slavery and why they outlawed it in the western world the last time around – the problems that they couldn’t solve then have now been solved with digital technology. We’re talking about a group of people who believe in slavery, practice slavery, practice genocide, and if you put them in a position where as a matter of law and a matter of force they can do it – they will.

Starting in 1998, fantastic trains of dollars started to disappear from the US government. What they were doing is leveraging up the sovereign government, and then stealing all of that money, of which a majority was supposed to go for retirements.

And so once the money is gone, and the funds are no longer available for retirement, you can either turn to the general population and say ‘we stole all your money lol!’, or you can attack the general population before they start asking for their money back, or attacking you.

This is very simple – you’ve got to consolidate your financial coup d’etat in a way that the general population never sees what’s happening and organizes to get the assets back, which is the process of divide and conquer that were seeing now, and they’ll go as far as nuclear war to throw the people off their scent.

Can the central banksters who are behind the great reset be defeated? I believe they can and will be in the end. They have pushed too far too fast, and although it often doesn’t feel like it, a critical mass of the world’s population is starting to wake up. The criminal cabal knows this, but they have shown their authoritarian hand and are now fully committed – they have no choice but to push forward.

There are really only two possibilities for the future; either the criminal globalist cabal achieves its goals before the debt bomb explodes, or they fail, in which case the debt bomb they created will still explode. Either way there’s going to be a great reset of some sort as the system we have now is on its last legs.

When could this debt bomb explode? No one knows exactly but we’re getting extremely close.