The Heretic

Because I want to remain free.


For years, anyone who mentioned Agenda 21 / 2030 was condemned as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Now Switzerland have released an Agenda 2030 commemorative stamp (above) to promote it.

The war on you has 5 fronts;

1 ― The technology people are building the clouds and the advanced telecommunications systems.

2 ― The military industrial complex is doing space (5G & Satellites) and operation warp speed.

3 ― Big pharma makes the injections with mystery ingredients that modify dna and creates infertility.

4 ― Mainstream media’s job is to produce and broad(spell)cast all the nonstop fear porn propaganda.

5 ― The central bankers are engineering all the cashless central bank cypto currency systems.

They’re trying to keep the five pillars separate so we don’t notice them coming together in an integrated smart grid system.

Basically the network will amalgamate into our body and mind to institute their latest captivity apparatus ― a transhumanism and DNA clone copy life-extension technology-based breakaway society for them and an interconnected slave labor survival of the fittest battle for us.

It’s the ruling oligarchs of the new world order endgame who encourage techonomic totalitarianism towards transhumanism.

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