The Casedemic;

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Kary Mullis – PCR Inventor: “Covid-19 PCR Test Can Find ANY Molecule In ANYONE”
  • Is There Really a Pandemic? – A collection of data that indicates otherwise. [Wordoc]
  • Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic – Primary Doctor Medical JournalC. Huber, B. BorovoyJan, Dec. 2020. [PDF]
    *Data proving no increase in global mortality.
  • Data on false positives in PCR testing – links to studies showing false positives are rife. [Word]
  • Planet Lockdown – A series of full-length interviews w/ medical, legal, financial experts and analysts, for a coming documentary by the same name. I recommend the full interview with Dr Michael Yeadon, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, and Catherine Austin Fitts – 2021. [Video Interviews]
  • COVID-19 Survival Rate, according to the CDC – CDC stats on survival rate per age group, & QR codes to further resources/evidence, 2020. [Single page shareable infographic – PDF]
  • Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History – Dr Vernon Coleman, MB ChB DSc, 2021. [PDF]
    The startling truth behind the planned world takeover
  • Top 11 Statistics Mainstream News is Hiding From You – 2020. [PDF]
    All of this data is extracted from the CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins, White House task force press conferences, and scientific studies. All direct source links are cited below the list of statistics.
  • A5 Covid Truth Flyer Front / A5 Covid Truth Flyer Back – ‘The Light‘, Nov. 2020. [A5 flyer]
  • How the Unscientific Interpretation of RT-PCR & Rapid Antigen Test Results is Causing Misleading Spikes in Cases & Deaths – Yohan Tengra, political analyst and healthcare specialist based in Mumbai, 2021. [PDF]
    The medical system itself works to boost the number of positive cases. Even with a negative PCR test, they are using CAT scans and diagnosing people with COVID. These scans are not specific to SARS-CoV-2 at all. I personally know of people who have been asked to be hospitalised by their doctors just based on a positive test (doctors can get a cut of the total bill made when they refer a patient to a hospital). This also happened to a Bollywood celebrity, who was asked to be admitted by his doctors with no symptoms and just a positive PCR.”
    *It is interesting that this ‘second wave’ in India has correlated with the vaccine rollout (Tendra provides official sources to support this claim). Tengra feels this might not be coincidental. He says that the ‘aefi’ (adverse events following immunisation) data vastly underestimates how many vaccine adverse reactions are taking place in the country.
    Tengra says that, based on ground surveys and data collected by himself, there is a tremendous number of people who have fallen ill post vaccination, many of them then testing positive for COVID and becoming hospitalised.
    The financial incentive for doctors to diagnose people with COVID could also mean many of the people who are ill with other conditions are being placed as COVID patients, while beds are under occupied for people for non-COVID health issues.